Soothing Color Palettes for Small Spaces

Hi all and happy 2013! Given that the new year is about fresh starts and all, I'm going to be focusing my posts here on style and design tips for small spaces I've certainly done enough of it, inhabiting apartments as small as 475 sq feet. (My current San Francisco loft at 1,000 sq ft feels palatial in comparison!)

My first lesson: monochromatic, soothing color palettes help small spaces feel larger.

Monochromatic Color Palettes for Small Spaces

Tip 1: When your space features a consistent use of muted tones your eye tends to travel around a room more seamlessly and perceives it to be bigger than it actually is.

Tip 2: When your walls and ceilings are the same color you'll add a perception of height.

Tip 3: Neutral palettes help objects in your room recede. Glass-tops (like on the dining table) add to that illusion of space by allowing you to see right through them!

Color Palettes for Small Bedrooms

But really, more than anything, I love the zen feeling neutral tones give off. There's enough crazy in our day to day lives that your home should provide a soothing respite that leaves you feeling ready to tackle whatever lies ahead!

Images via Pinterest.