Caramel Colored Decor

Caramel colored decor is sumptuously rich and delicious. It looks like how it might taste if it were edible and believe me, my current post-holiday diet is starting to make me hallucinate. Caramel, like camel and beige are wonderful neutrals. They pair beautifully with white, cream and black for both traditional as well as contemporary design.

Caramel Colored Painted Rooms

Amber-hued, caramel colored walls and ceilings make a more daring statement if you want to amp-up your current cream colored walls. These warm tones are soothing and create a simple backdrop and compliment a room when multiple patterns are used. Using ornate sconces or a classic crystal chandelier will add drama and sparkle at night especially if you lacquer the walls. Think Dangerous Liaisons!  

Neutral Colored Fabrics

Not ready to commit to an entire room swathed in a decadent neutral tone? Start small with textiles and accessories. Whether you drape your bed in a creamy throw, or add throw pillows to your sofa, this warm neutral instantly make a space more cozy. Additionally, caramel colored tabletop decor and lighting can add a three dimensional statement to walls, corners and shelves. I love the idea of using a rug as an interesting tablecloth like the one above.

Now that you've got a taste for caramel colored decor, it's time to get shopping:

Amber Colored Home Decor

Shopping List:

1. Amber Hand-Made Glass Bowl 

2. Amber Crystal Lotus Candle Holder 

3. Swirl Amber Art Glass Table Lamp 

4. Khanjali Adobe Designer Throw Pillow (currently unavailable)

5. Besa Sphere Series Amber Cloud Accent Lamp 

6. Amber Curves Hand-Made Glass Vase

Photos: Habitually Chic, A Perfect Gray, Savvy Home, Architectual Digest.