Bathroom Lighting Basics for a Home Decor Refresh

January has been Back to Basics month. We've covered the fundamentals of lighting in every room of the home and we've saved the best for last: the bathroom. Lighting basics in this space are essential, since bad lighting at the sink or in the shower—too dim, too harsh—can make those puffy-faced Monday wake-ups even more painful than they already are. Much attention is given to bathroom lighting when a ground-up renovation is taking place, but a complete overhaul needn't be in your future. A few simple switches are also possible for renters or homeowners looking to make a quick and inexpensive home decor refresh. 

Bathroom Task Lighting

The two easiest places to switch out lighting in the bathroom are at the sink and in the ceiling. That is to say, focus on the zone where you'll be doing specific tasks like brushing your teeth or applying makeup, and on general overhead lighting. Look for glass and metal wall sconces and pendants that can handle a high-humidity environment, but go for impact with unique shade shapes, detailing, and finishes. A ten minute swap will be a huge improvement over the standard issue bathroom fixtures that come with your home!

Bathroom Pendant Lights

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Shopping Guide: 1. Bronze Two Light Bath Bar 2. Aged Brass Wall Sconce 3. White Glass and Brushed Brass Bathroom Fixture 4. Rubbed Black Bronze Wall Sconce 5. Bronze and Glass Orb Pendant Light 6. Olde Bronze Pendant Light 7. Dark Bronze Pendant Light

Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest.