Modern Farmhouse Decorating Inspiration

I'm a big fan of modern farmhouse decorating. One of the best ways to incorporate aspects of a particular decor look into your home (in this case, the Hudson River Style) is to break the style down at its point of origin. That way you understand it more fully, and can pick and choose the elements you'd like to keep as your decorating inspiration, and which elements you'd like to leave by the wayside.

Hudson River Style Board

The Hudson River Valley lies just northwest of New York City, and its varied aesthetic influences give it a rich and dynamic sensibility. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, wealthy New Yorkers used the area as a holiday escape, and many luxury antiques still circulate the area; mill towns result in a definite industrial presence; and a flourishing agricultural influence makes for a primitive rural feel as well. The result is an eclectic mix of these three personalities coming together to create a distinct blend of first class, factory, and farm that is unique to this part of the country.  

Modern Farmhouse Decorating Inspiration

Get the modern farmhouse look with a mix of traditional turned wood tables, rustic ceramics, blanket print textiles, and transitional wall art like landscapes and oil portraits. Architectural details such as bead board in the bathroom or apron-front sinks takes the modern farmhouse effect to the next level, but even a small lighting swap from Hudson Valley Lighting will be an authentic and impactful touch. Next week we'll explore another regional style and how to get the look!

Shopping Guide: 1. Polished nickel wall sconce 2. White counter stool 3. Blue and beige stripe pillow 4. Red retro round metal clock 5. Hand painted oil on canvas wall art 6. Double gourd ceramic lamp 7. Rubbed black four drawer console

Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest.