Valentine's Day Decor

February 14th can either be super romantic or a super drag. My thoughts are to take the romance out of it and think of it as another excuse to decorate. Fiery red Valentine's Day decor will certainly last longer than flowers and is much less caloric than candy.

Don’t get me wrong, the world needs romance, but it also needs better interiors! So instead of indulging in sweets today, why not indulge in a little home makeover?

Red Home Decor

1. Set of Two Red S Chairs 2. Red Silk Modified Bell Shade

While my post today is not necessarily about the romantic side of V-day, it will include the hallmark color red that defines the classic Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether you favor contemporary or traditional, look at how a little punch of red adds life to these two rooms. From replacement shades to pillows and more, red can look fiery in the summer, festive during the holidays and preppy all year round...think red hunting jackets. 

 Red Rooms

1. Red Penelope Pendant Light 2. Set of 2 Salsa Red Outdoor Accent Pillows 3. Lights Up! Weegee Nickel Red Dupioni Silk Shade Floor Lamp

While red decor is timeless, it's also bold. Notice how these rooms and the ones above tend to pair red with a crisp white? This balances the saturated hue. I’m crazy about the classic chandeliers updated for today and made much more interesting with cute red shades. Even chic mini pendant lights and sconces can get into the holiday act without seeming too “holiday.” I think these rooms simply look modern, not cliche. So whether you have somebody special or not, Valentine’s Day can now be all about loving...your home!

Photos: The Zhush, Casa Sugar, House of Fifty.