Fashion Week Design Influences

New York has just bid adieu to Fashion Week. Design inspiration seen on the runway can now be adapted to the home. There has always been somewhat of a correlation between fashion and home as both are a visual way to express ourselves. 

Fashion week is a time for designers to pull out all the stops, dazzle us with never-before-seen designs and offer us a show that makes us think.     

These two designs by Michael Kors for the Fall/Winter 2013 collection are simple yet bold. He has used black which is a staple in every wardrobe as well as in any room. Black grounds a space and should always be considered a “decor must.”  

1. Carnival Black Shade Ovo Table Lamp

2. Safavieh Florida Shag Area Rug

Designer Lighting Inspired by Fashion

The top runway look is by Alexander Wang and the bottom by Marc Jacobs. Both are heavyweight designers and these looks are from their Fall/Winter 2013 shows. Wang’s modern approach to a classic gray overcoat seems the absolute inspiration for this gray and black replacement shade. I see them as a triumph if you were to use them to update a classic chandelier in the dining room. Jacobs’ playful print skirt translates seamlessly to this scramble print shade. Did somebody say designer bedside lamps?   

1. Black Velvet Trim Grey Shade

2. Retro Squares Scramble Giclee Trumpet Table Lamp

Colorful Patterns in Fashion and Decor

These two looks from J. Crew’s Fall/Winter 2013 show embraces pattern in wild ways. There seems to be print on print madness with a light dusting of tribal. No fear, we have fashionable home decor that follows this trend!

1. Jamie Young Candy Hand-Embroidered Accent Pillow 

2. Loloi Aurora Black-Circles Area Rug

Fashion week is just bursting with design inspiration. Don't be shy to translate sartorial looks into interior ideas - have fun with pattern and color in your home the same way yo would in your wardrobe!

Photos: The Sartorialist.