Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Summer

With the weather growing ever warmer, our thoughts are turning to the exterior home maintenance projects that we've had in the back of our minds. Outdoor lighting is one of those high impact, low effort items on your to-do list that makes a big difference not only in the curb appeal of your house but in the function and safety of your porch and yard. Install appropriate and attractive outdoor fixtures now, and you'll enjoy the whole summer entertaining.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Entertaining

Of course the style of your home is an important consideration when selecting outdoor light fixtures - anything too avante-garde won't suit a traditional exterior and vice versabut so too should be the type of lighting. Wall sconces feel right on either side of a garage door or lining a walkway. A veranda with a high pitched roof demands a hanging pendant with a strong presence to emphasize the lofty space. Also take scale, proportion, and quantity into account; a single beam of light could get lost in the dark, but too many could be blinding when you arrive home after a late night at the office.

Hanging Outdoor Pendant LightsFinally, added functionality comes from features such as LED lighting (cuts down on maintenance and replacing bulbs!), dimmers (create ambiance when hosting outdoor events!) and motion detectors (easily gather kids and groceries from the car after dark! catch raccoons digging in the recycling bins!). Once you perfect your outdoor lighting situation, you'll wonder how you ever did without it! Which of these outdoor lighting ideas for summer is your favorite? 

Shopping Guide: 1. Industrial Outdoor Hanging Light 2. Liberty Bronze Outdoor Hanging Light 3. Seaside Motif Hanging Outdoor Light 4. Silver Industrial Wall Light 5. Antique Copper Outdoor Wall Light with Motion Detector 6. Textured Brass Outdoor Light

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