Late spring into early summer is when everyone starts thinking — BEACH! So whether it's an actual beach house, lake house, or just a fresh update to your own house let this beach home decor in 4 ways inspire you! With just a few easy pieces you can get your style of the "beachy look" in your space. A blue table lamp here, pillow there, and a quick piece of decor and a rug and you can transform your space to feel like you are on vacation.

These classic beach items take you away in a refined way. No trendy beach here!

Shopping Guide: Ceramic Sea Urchin White Table Lamp, Maritime Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, Safavieh Spice Beach Red Coral Fan Pillows, Decorative Taupe Coral Statue.

This calming blue, silver and neutral scheme would be perfect for a guest bedroom.

Shopping Guide: Resort Sand Dollar Aqua Blue Area Rug, Coral Wall Art, Silver Table Lamp, Gloss White Coral Bowls.

This coral table lamp makes a bold statement! Add a large shell decorative bowl and a pop of blue in the pillows and your beachy space will not be forgotten.

Shopping Guide: Arteriors Home Cassidy Coral Orange Porcelain Table Lamp, Quito Area Rug, White Clam Shell Decorative Bowl, Square Blue and Beige Stripe Throw Pillow.

For a more subtle chic beach feel, go with items that don't scream 'giant clam shell'! This palm vase makes the perfect addition without overtaking the space.

Shopping Guide: Coral Area Rug, Palm Ceramic Vase, Capiz Shell Accent Bowl, Natural Fossil Coral Table Lamp.

Traditional, calming, bold, and unique - these are just 4 of many ways to incorporate beach home decor into your space for summer.