Americana Style Home Decor

Americana style home decor is not just one single “look.” Classic Americana can encompass everything from traditional Colonial spinning wheels to the 1950s diner. Needless to say, the range for Americana home decor is varied, whimsical and singularly American!

Country Home Decor with American Flags

1. Picnic Time Old Glory Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board 2. Chapman Collection Pendant Chandelier

Naturally anything designed with an American Flag can be considered Americana. I think, however, if you are going to decorate with the flag that you should opt for an antique version. Please don’t hang up a crisp, new nylon flag and think it’s fabulous. Stick to weathered and old-looking. Speaking of old, I love the look of pendant light fixtures that echo the look of log cabin design. What could be more American than Little House on the Prairie?

Country Home Decoration

3. Silver Tin Stars Wall Decor Set of 3

The hearty pioneering “cabin” look can also be characterized by old metal stoves, punch pie tin panels and woolen blankets. This rough-hewn look celebrates a no-nonsense way of life with just a hint of embellishment.

Americana Style Home Decor with Stars

4. Punched Bronze Metal Star Wall Decor Set of 3 5. Vintage Treats Giclee Clip-On Set of Four Shades

Another way to pay homage to America is by exploring the notion of freedom. Stars and stripes are a great theme as is our love of free enterprise, shopping and advertising. Using old advertising signage is a fun way to explore our past. This look is fabulous in mud rooms, kids rooms, rec rooms and country houses. An inexpensive way to add this look is to decoupage classic labels on replacement lamp shades.

American Diner Design

6. U.S. Map License Plate Metal Wall Art 7. Uttermost Vintage License Plates Wall Clock

Who can forget Happy Days? The 1950s diner is quintessentially American. This look brings back the beginning of post war energy, expansion, travel and love of the open road. Playful license plate decor references the era and infuses some fun - which is exactly what Americana style home decor is all about.

Photos: Atlanta Homes, House of Turquoise.