Summer Decor - Bringing The Inside Out

Summer decor is all about being outdoors, so bringing the inside out will make your patios, balconies and yards much more comfortable and stylish. I’m begging you not to get your patio furniture at the drugstore. That plastic stuff isn’t cute and with a little bit of effort your “inside” decor can look fabulous outdoors.

Traditional Outdoor Decor

Traditional decor can look as much at home on your patio as it does in your dining room. Don’t be afraid to bring out solid wood tables and rugs or table lamps and mirrors. By hanging mirrors you can bring more light into a yard and reflect lush greenery. Indoor lamps can be brought outside unless there is a chance for nasty weather or rain. Of course today's stylish outdoor lighting can be found to look like classic chandeliers that would normally be used inside. 

Traditional Decorative Objects

1. Zuo Soma Black Dining Table 2. Corinth Black Decorative Wall Mirror 3. Derby Antique Iron Outdoor Wall Light 4. Trellis Brown Indoor Outdoor Rug

Contemporary Outdoor Design

The modern interior can look amazing outside, especially classic mid-century or pop plastic furniture (no, not the drugstore stuff). Interior plastic furniture is lightweight and easy clean which makes it ideal for outside entertaining and family fun with the kids. If there is a chance to turn a patio or balcony into a cool lounge, do it. Why not create the look of a hip hotel cabana? Think about hanging curtains and having ottomans on which to lounge.

Bringing the inside out is easy - don't be afraid to think outside the box a bit with your summer decor!

Contemporary Objects

5. Arteriors Home Warsaw Black Marble Serving Tray 6. Tan Weave 16" Wide Brushed Steel Swag Chandelier 7. Set of 2 Zuo Baby S White Kids Chairs 8. Fork Outdoor Square Brown Ottoman 

Photos: House & Home, Lonny.