How to Use LED Lights at Home

Light emitting diode (or LED) lighting is a semiconductor light source that can seem complicated when discussing how it functions but always looks good when considered in home design and exterior home design lighting schemes. Here's how to use LED lights at home!

Modern LED home lighting is totally stylish and can be integrated into walkways and gardens. If your exterior hardscape is already finished, consider LED sconces that can be applied to walls or your home. For a dramatic touch you can also use LED lights in trees on steps and along paths.

Exterior LED Lighting Ideas

1. Crescent Top Bronze LED Step Light 2. LBL Uptown Silver LED Outdoor Wall Light

Interiors can also benefit from stylish LED lighting. While there are many styles of LED lights that have been used in home offices and in desk lamps over the years, I happen to be loving the modernized hanging pendant light fixtures that are now available.

LED Kitchen Lighting Ideas

3. Silver Glaze Aqua Glass Nickel Tech Lighting MonoRail Pendant 4. Pele White Glass Satin Nickel LED Tech Lighting Mini Pendant

From kitchen islands to over breakfast room tables, you can choose to go classic contemporary or even retro when thinking about LED lights. In addition, you can have LED pendants directly mounted to the ceiling, part of a track system or a cool hanging rail system.

Don’t forget about creating a mood with LED under-counter lights, pins and spots. It’s one thing to have stylish lamps and hanging fixtures, it’s also important to layer your lighting.

Modern LED Light Fixtures

5. WAC Satin Nickel LED Under Cabinet Light Bar (currently unavailable) 6. Veil White Glass Satin Nickel Tech Lighting MonoRail Pendant

Photos: Let Me Be Inspired.