Dorm Decorating Ideas

Dorm decorating ideas may seem far off since it's only July, but I beg to differ. College terms usually begin in August so that means along with worrying if you will like your roommate, you need to start thinking about the aesthetics of your dorm room. 

Dorm rooms are basically a step above minimum security prisons...not that I have ever been in one (a prison, that is!). The big question is how one creates a comfortable space of their own where they can live and study in style.

There are two main ways to decorate a dorm room. The first is to add color, personality and try anything to cover up cinderblock walls and linoleum floors. The second, is to embrace the minimal space and go for rustic modern.

Dorm Room Design Ideas

Both looks can be chic. The first is all about experimentation with color and pattern. You’re young and the dorm room is probably the first space you can decorate as an adult so trial and error is OK. The second - the minimal dorm room - can be liberating and modern. Embracing the raw materials of the room can allow you to focus on the work at hand...studying.

Regardless of the style, these dorm decorating ideas will get you started: make sure you have plenty of lighting like an adjustable desk lamp or swing arm lamps; buy a clock to make sure you get to class; invest in something soft under foot; and of course, purchase comfortable bedding.

Dorm Room Must Have Accessories

Shopping List: 1. George Kovacs Polished Chrome Arc Floor Lamp 2. Veranda VR-16 Tangerine Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug 3. Datekeeper Silver Round Wall Clock 4. Teal Mini Mandalas Decorative Accent Pillow 5. Set of 2 Pascal White Plastic Side Chairs 6. Koncept Gen 3 Z-Bar Mini Warm Light LED Desk Lamp Orange

Photos: Apartment Therapy, Home Interior Fashion.