Black and White Decorating Inspiration

Zebras, penguins, pandas: sometimes I can't help but wonder if the black and white animals of the world know best when it comes to timeless style. There's something to be said for keeping it simple, and it doesn't get more straightforward than the high contrast of black against white. Plus, each of these two opposing shades has high impact when used alone, so paired together they can't help but make a dynamic, and memorable statement in your home decor, furnishings, and lighting

Bedroom, Living Room, and an Office in Black and White

There's no secret to successful black and white decor, but a few tips can take the look from so-so to stupendous. When you're working with a limited palette, texture and pattern become key players in the task of creating a multi-dimensional space.

Incorporate several materialsmetal, wool, stone, lacquer—for a range of surface and finish effects. Mix prints like stripes, checks, or abstract graphics to keep the eyes moving. 

Timeless Style: Black and White Decor

Once you lay a black and white decor foundation, you can add warmth with one or two additional neutrals such as brass, silver, rattan, or wood. Or try for easy and inexpensive seasonal updates with a splash of color as the seasons change. Given the seemingly limitless possibilities, who says black-and-white thinking is bad?

Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest