Oh how I love styling a space with the Industrial Chic design trend! Unless you're living under a rock, you've seen a lot of industrial chic in decor stores, designer portfolios and pretty much all over the place. Our new place has a few pops of industrial + I've always loved having a mix of old and new, glam and modern, and other contrasting styles. 'Industrial' and 'chic' typically don't go hand in hand but there are ways to make this trend work by styling your space in just the right way.

Industrial Chic Living Room with a Cowhide Rug

Start with a Solid Base

I think it's always important to choose the big pieces in a classic style - like a modern couch - and pair it with a fabulous rug and other industrial accessories. I'm a big believer in less is more, and that's something to keep in mind with this trend too. Think of your big pieces as your investment pieces and things you don't want to get tired of too quickly.

Industrial Chic Living Room with a Reclaimed Entertainment Unit

Mix it Up

I LOVE to mix industrial pieces with another style, I hate when a space feels too predicted and common. Some of my favorites are industrial modern and industrial glamour - gorgeous! A glamorous painting with an old vintage cabinet, etc.. Mixed styles always look amazing together, the contrast just brings out something fun in the space. It also makes it easy to switch things up to something chic when you're tired of a particular look.

Styling Your Space with the Industrial Chic Design Trend

Mostly Industrial

So yes, you can go all out and have most of your space industrial BUT you need to throw in a pop of something different and new to keep it from feeling stale. For example, you can replace your dining room lighting fixture in a glamorous style to help your space feel fresh. If it was up to my fiancee I think we would do it the other way around, mostly industrial with pops of modern/glam. It's still completely chic, it still looks great but one piece too many can be overkill.

What do you think of the new industrial chic design trend - love it or leave it?

Image Credits: Scandinavian Deko, The Tao of Dana, via Pinterest.