A Lush Brazillian Poolside

I have found a new design inspiration - Brazil! I just got back from a few days in Rio and have a new muse. There are so many ways to view the city and their eye on design. There is a fabulous mix of traditional, colonial Portuguese architecture peppered throughout the massive urban sprawl of Rio.

Design Inspiration from Brazil

1. Zuo Draper White Lounge Chair

Brazil is on the one hand, tropical, lush and laid back, yet is also bursting with color, energy and style. Because of the tropical ecosystem there is a fair amount of teak and other supple woods found on decking and in furniture. This has a decidedly beachy feel and begs to be explored with bare feet and sun-kissed skin.

Poolside Decor in Brazil

2. Black and White Dotted Squares Giclee 3. Warped Bronze Ribbon Frame Wall Mirror

The main sidewalks in Rio that hug the beach are an explosion of mid-century design. Nowhere can you find dull concrete, rather, the walkways are done in a classic black and white mosaic. So chic!

This nod to modernism can also be found in the trendy Hotel Fasano. How lucky was I to stay there? The pool area is adorned with these amoeba shaped mirrors. I never thought I would see polished metal accent mirrors by a pool...divine.

Design and Style in Rio

4. Fuchsia Black Shade Ovo Table Lamp 5. Tiles Outdoor Square Teal Ottoman

Yes, that is a super model being photographed as I laid out my very, very white skin by the pool. I loved the pop of hot pink and thought how perfect for this tropical paradise. Was I able to find table lamp designs inspired by the photo shoot? Natch.

While I strolled the streets of Ipanema I found this fantastic nod to the past. In the midst of modern apartment blocks was a classic, colonial house adorned in an almost Moorish meets Portuguese style. I was so happy to see such an honorable nod to the past in such an up-and-coming South American City. Design inspiration is everywhere in Brazil!

Photos: Let Me Be Inspired.