A Country Kitchen Table

Styling a country kitchen will turn the most used room in your house into the most stylish room in the house with only the addition of a few design flourishes. Small touches can have a tremendous affect when decorating a kitchen. You might be surprised how inexpensive adding these touches can cost and that much of what you can use is probably already in your cabinets. 

If a full kitchen renovation is out of the question, you may want to invest in decorative mini pendant lights or updated adjustable bar stools around an island or peninsula to set the tone and fill in with other cuisine-related decor, as seen in these inspiration photos featured on Belle Maison.

Kitchen Accessories in a Country Kitchen

When it comes to taking advantage of items you have, the sky is the limit. Informal kitchens now have embraced open shelves which turns your dishes and glassware into immediate works of art. Colorful bowls or wonderfully shaped canisters can be displayed and show off your knack for interior design.

White Country Kitchen Decor

Along with dishes and glasses, water pitchers can become last minute vases for flowers and well-worn cutting boards can be propped up as sculptural accessories. It’s a known design trick that bowls of fruit and citrus adds color and texture to counters, but mounting decorative platters to a backsplash or wall can add a similar pop of color.

Country Kitchen Furniture and Accessories

Shopping List: 1. Cuisine II Wall Art (currently unavailable) 2. Set of 2 Fun Factory White Serving Bowls 3. Kichler Hayman Bay Antique White Mini Pendant 4. Natural Finish Solid Wood Dining Table 5. Set of Three Ceramic Ruled Pitchers 6. Ivory Fleur-de-Lis 10-Piece Teapot Set

Image Credits: Belle Maison.