Autumn is the perfect time to start prepping for holiday entertaining. This season, let's take a look at a few fall lighting ideas. You may not realize that lighting is the reason why you feel the ambiance that you do; your guests feel safe in your outdoor home; and you safely prepare your meals in your kitchen.

The living room below by Hull Historical is a great example of how the right fall lighting can create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your home this autumn.

Cozy Fall Living Room

Kitchen lighting for safety and ambiance:

On a cool and crisp evening there is nothing like welcoming guests into your home and preparing a warm meal and sharing conversation around your kitchen bar. In recent years the trend of bringing seating into the kitchen and serving guests directly from the kitchen helps engage guests and makes the cook feel part of the festivities. Under counter lights are ideal for helping the chef prepare food safely and efficiently while decorative pendant lighting over the kitchen bar looks fabulous and helps your guests see their gorgeous meal before them.

This lighting in this Beaver Creek kitchen by Lyon Design Group below shows you how ambient, task, and pendant lighting can work harmoniously together. Throughout your kitchen look to overhead or ambient lighting fixtures that illuminate the entire room and consider a dimmer switch to set the ambiance based on your entertaining needs.

A Cozy Kitchen with Lighting

Moving the party to your outdoor home:

Autumn is great for entertaining in your outdoor home. Your backyard patio and front porch are ideal for playing a board game with the family or for getting some autumn grilling in on the barbecue. Ensure your guests feel safe with a well-illuminated outdoor area.

Outdoor lanterns placed on tables or even along stairs look beautiful and create a gorgeous glow and create safe footing when walking around in the evening hours. This outdoor fireplace and seating area below from Centre Sky shows lighting used to warm your outdoor entertaining space. Consider classic wall sconces on your front and back porch areas for ambient lighting and even consider string lights in trees or on garden umbrellas to cast a soft light and set the tone for a magical night of entertaining!

Outdoor Fall Lighting Ideas for Holiday Entertaining

Don’t forget about natural light in your autumn home:

While the evening hours are thought about for lighting fixtures, don’t forget about the greatest source of lighting in the day, beautiful sunlight. Natural light plays a huge role in making the colors in your home stand out and helps us feel awake and healthy.

When entertaining during the daylight hours, open up window treatments and let in natural sunlight to expose views and to give your guests a natural ambiance. Use sheer window treatments if you have a glare through your windows at certain times of the day. With natural light you have all the control of how much you want to let into your entertaining areas.

With these fall lighting ideas, you'll ensure your home is ready for holiday entertaining. Whether you are serving up a delicious meal in the kitchen, relaxing outside on the veranda, or having friends over for Sunday brunch, lighting is essential. Create a home that is welcoming, safe, and enjoyable this autumn with these creative lighting ideas.

Image credits: Hull Historical, Lyon Design Group, Centre Sky.