Though I tend to lean more towards monochromatic color schemes when styling a space, I do use colorful home decor and lighting to update my space. It's an easy way to bring in color without being stuck with it forever. It's the difference between getting a blue couch that you get sick of in a year, or adding in some pretty blue table lamps that you can switch out when you're bored.

Colorful Home Decor and Lighting to Update Your Space

Start with your Color Scheme: A great rule of thumb is to stick with 2-3 colors - no more, no less. Having a set scheme helps pull together the look of your space, like this amazing grey, silver and orange living room featured in Lonny Magazine. The main color here, orange, can be swapped out easily with new art, pillows and lamps. If you're not sure where to start in terms of colors, I LOVE using the online design tool called Color Scheme Designer, pictured below.

The Color Scheme Designer

Introduce Colorful Home Decor and Lighting: If you're having a hard time trying to find what EXACTLY you should bring into your space with color, I'll make it easy: 5-6 things you both need and want. So it needs to be pretty and have your color but also serve a purpose. You don't want to just bring in 5-6 decorative only pieces. Wall art or some kind of piece on the wall in your color is great but also think about colorful home decor and lighting like lamps, vases, books, pillows, throws, candles and trays.

Voila! You've picked your colors and your pieces, now its time to place them throughout the room. There isn't a strict rule here; you'll want to play around with what you put where and so on. The point is to have fun and to feel inspired by your space and the colors in it. The first pic in this post is the PERFECT example in case you want a road map of some kind.

How do you infuse color into your space?

Image Credits: Lonny, Color Scheme Designer.