Modern, yet somehow classic at the same time, our stunning 'Essa' chrome and crystal pendant chandelier is truly like no other. From our Vienna Full Spectrum line, the contemporary, diamond shape fixture is available in large, small and mini sizes, offering beauty, elegance, style and illumination. The  22" wide Essa, pictured below, is perfect for smaller formal dining rooms or a bedroom.

Stunning Modern Crystal Pendant Chandelier from Lamps Plus

Luxurious, large crystals adorn the glistening chrome frame. With sixteen 40 watt bulbs on this glam fixture, the reflected and refracted light through the crystal facets brings modern elegance to any space.  

Contemporary Chrome and Crystal Pendant Chandelier

Great light fixtures, like elegant crystal chandeliers, are a design asset that is often overlooked - but the impact they add to an interior should not be ignored! A modern chandelier brings an unexpected touch of glamour.

The beautiful Vienna Full Spectrum Essa Chandelier is also available in a 31.5 inch width to accommodate a large dining room or bedroom and as 12 in wide size mini pendant light to add splendor to any room. This chrome and crystal pendant chandelier will definitely bring the drama and will be the finishing touch on your decor. 

Modern Living Room with a Crystal Chandelier

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