Mood Lighting

February 14th is just around the corner, which means there's romance in the air and mood lighting everywhere! Cupid's holiday serves as a reminder that it's important to show your appreciation for that special someone every day of the year.

Whether you enjoy sharing quiet meals, watching movies on the couch, or reading side-by-side in bed, the quality time you spend together at home contributes significantly to your relationship—and adding some romantic mood lighting to your decor is a great way to celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day 24/7!

Beautiful Lighting

Of course the bedroom is an obvious place to focus your mood lighting, but any room can benefit from soft and warm illumination.

Get the look by using indirect lighting from sconces and table lamps (as seen in the Cappa Docia Cave Suites and in the Lamps Plus Trend Center).

Nothing can beat the flickering glow of candles to set the scene for love, as spotted by Marissa Berman; but for a similar effect without the accompanying fire hazard, consider a crystal chandelier for mood lighting as seen on Lamps Plus.

No matter how you create it, mood lighting turns the flick of a switch into an intimate evening for two!

Romantic Lighting

Shopping Guide: 1. Edison Bulb 2. Mini Crystal Chandelier 3. Glass Votive Holders 4. Mirrored Candle Wall Sconce 

Images credits: Autumn Schutt InstagramCappa Docia Cave Suites, Lamps PlusMarissa BermanLamps Plus