Wire Decor

Don’t tell Joan Crawford, but wire decor is “in,” chic and can be manipulated into a variety of home decor must-haves.

The New Victorian Ruralist has always been genius when it comes to posting images that capture the most modern way to live with antiques and what can, at face value, appear to be everything that can be found in your grandmother’s attic. This modern spin is enticing, haunting and I had to have it for this post!

Metal Home Decor

There is a huge craze for industrial looking home accents whether it be conduit bar stools or wire-caged sconces and rustic style pendants. This aesthetic is a nostalgic look at the past with a contemporary twist.

Wire is a great, malleable material that can bend into just about any form and remain sturdy if the right thickness is used. I love that wire can be used to create something as sturdy as a chair or as delicate as a basket. From practical to whimsical, wire can appeal to just about any aesthetic.

Wire Antiques

How clever it is to use old wire fencing masks to create a cool and contemporary work of art. It just goes to show that wire can be considered a material for serious art or the functional protector for a bare bulb on bathroom wall lights...a fabulous juxtaposition.

Wire Lighting

Shopping List:

1. La Joya 9" Wide Orbital Bronze Pendant Light

2. Fairplex Bronze 39" Wide Webbed Iron Wall Mirror

3. Industrial Candelabra 3-Light 15" Wide Cage Pendant Light (Update: Item no longer available.)

4. Elton Vintage Brass Finish Iron Wire Accent Table (Update: Item no longer available.)

5. Industrial Cage 14" Wide Dark Rust Wall Sconce

6. Ossining Dark Rust Wire Jar Table Lamp

Photo credit: New Victorian Ruralist