Bedroom Style

Recently I made some changes to my bedroom. I wanted a white airy feeling that wasn't too feminine. It needed to be modern, androgynous, and relaxing. Two things I didn't want do change were the light gray paint, and the dark bedroom furniture we already had. I was focusing on bedside lighting and decor for this bedroom update.

Even though brass and gold are having a heyday, I wanted a chrome or polished nickel finish for my bedroom lighting. I wanted to keep the tones cool instead of warm. I chose the Hudson Valley Aston Polished Nickel Desk Lamp (link below) for both bedside tables. I wanted functional task lamps with great style.

Task Lighting

For the bedding I've always kept it simple with all white, while adding a colorful accent pillow.

A candle on the the bedside table is a must. Even when not lit, it gives off a lovely smell as I drift off into sleep. I love black candles because they exude luxury.

I've found some great options for you to get my look at Lamps Plus!

Bedroom Decor

Scents of Sicily Catania Magnolia Black Soy Candle  / Linen Black Nail Button Wingback Headboard

Task lighting, like the Hudson Valley Aston Polished Nickel Desk Lamp is not just for your home office, it's a great look for a modern bedside. Make sure your bedside tables are stylish, but also functional and preferably with a drawer like the Zoe Rectangular White Lacquer End Table above. Provide texture and color with your soft items, like the Rio Collection Shearling Decorative Throw and Naledi 20" Square Embroidered Throw Pillow.

Have fun!

Image credits: Yvonne Rock for