Decorating Your Home

I have a mirror addiction.

From new to vintage to a growing collection of old hand mirrors picked up on my flea market jaunts, I just can’t get enough.  

Some of my favorite tips and tricks for making mirrors reflect your personality …

Staircase Design

1)    Reflect Light

Stylish wall mirrors can brighten a room by bouncing light around. Consider placing one directly across from a window for maximum reflection.

Leaning Mirror

2)    Size Matters

A huge mirror can stand alone as a statement piece of art like this stunning one reflecting the bed by Sarah Richardson Design.  

Collections of smaller mirrors can work equally well if grouped together and can be customized with a can of vibrant spray paint like Dimples and Tangles did with her wall of emerald green.

Colorful Mirrors

3)    Frames

Let your mirror choice reflect your personal style. It’s fun to juxtapose a vintage mirror over a modern console table or a sleek, chrome mirror over an antique settee. Don’t overlook the clean lines of frameless mirrors.

Entryway Style

4)    Don’t Forget the Entry

Entries are the perfect place for a last minute hair and makeup check before you jauntily walk out the front door. Don’t be afraid to mix colors like Amanda Nisbet does with this sculptural white mirror paired with a sleek ebony table.

Mirrored Chest

5)    Not just for walls

Consider a mirrored chest of drawers as a glam nightstand or a mirrored buffet to add sparkle to dinner parties.

How will you choose to reflect your personality with mirrors?

Images: Eclectically Vintage, Sarah Richardson Design on Decor Pad, Dimples & Tangles, Funky Junk Interiors, Amanda Nisbet Design on Decor Pad, Lamps Plus