Interior decor and florals really do go hand-in-hand. Both are rich in color and vibrancy, both change with the season and most importantly, both can be absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

Here's a round up some of my favorite House Beautiful interior images with equally beautiful floral closeups.


Blue on blue on blue, both in this peony close up as well as this Mid-Century Modern revival kitchen design.


An antique-inpired floral arrangement inspires this classic powder room decor, featuring a bold green and white floral wallpaper. A beautiful vanity mirror is always perfect for reflecting fun design!


Free flowing poppies are organic and vibrant, just like this industrial yet rustic interior decor with a pop of poppy-peach wall.


Gorgeous turquoise poppies with rust colored pollen perfectly mirror this gorgeous turquoise and walnut kitchen vignette.


Delicate peach and sage are a winning combination not only with these florals but in this stunning, formal living room.


Wildflowers are as colorful and unpredictable as this funky powder room decor.

Image credits: House Beautiful, Florals from Pinterest