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  • Choosing The Right Make Up Mirror

    Make Up Mirror Ideas

    Besides the kitchen, the bathroom should feature the most functional design of your home. This means having wall mirrors yes, but for the ladies out there, make up mirrors are a wonderful addition to the morning routine. 

    Wall mounted make up mirrors are the most efficient when it comes to counter space, but there's lots of styles out there depending on your needs.

    Vanity Mirror

    Cordless LED Lighted Pivoting 7" Wide Vanity Mirror 

    If you have plenty of counter space, this cordless lighted make up mirror would work just fine for those little details that help every woman feel prettier. The clean metal finish won't detract from stylish design, like in the bathroom above from Mark Williams Design.

    Modern Bathroom

     Hardwire Vanity Mirror

    Polished Nickel 9" Wide LED Hardwire Vanity Mirror

    The wall mounted style is great when you don't have as much counter space, or you have a lack of seating. This bathroom above from Dyna Contracting, features all the lighting and mirrors you could ever want in a bathroom. Very functional, yet really stylish.

    Wall Mirrors

    If you like larger wall mirrors when you're getting ready for the day, but lack the detailed lighting, then try a make up mirror like this one above. Bathroom design from Tanya Schoenroth.

    Lighted Wall Mirror

    Destiny 25 3/4" Square 2-Light Vanity Mirror

    Whichever your style or your needs, there's a mirror out there for you to help you start and end your day right.

    Image credits: Tanya SchoenrothDyna ContractingMark Williams Design

  • The Allure of Crystal Lighting

    Crystal Lighting

    Fancy crystal is back in vogue. The allure of crystal lighting has been fashionable since the 17th century and goes in and out of style with the general public, except for old, patrician families that never seem to redecorate.

    Thankfully, the sexy sparkle of crystal lighting is hot and can be introduced as a divine lighting source in every room, nook and cranny. 

    Crystal Chandeliers

    Feiss Gianna Scuro Bronze Chandelier

    The most obvious choice in crystal lighting is the classic chandelier. Crystal chandeliers are usually the main light source in the dining room, however, these quality light fixtures are starting to make themselves better-known in the living room and bedroom as well.

    Crystal creates a sense of romance along with sparkling light, so bedrooms can be the ultimate chandelier location. While romantic in nature, crystal need not appear fussy or too granny. Keeping the walls white and introduce a crisp window treatment like the simple roman shades above will keep the room modern yet still traditional.

    Crystal Sconces

    Feiss Dutchess Silver Wall Sconce

    Crystal sconces are another way to add sparkle to most rooms. I love when sconces flank a fireplace and a mirror in the bathroom. Sconces are a wonderful way to go a touch traditional without full commitment.

    Like chandeliers, crystal sconces can compliment modern furnishings, like the modern leather daybed in the lower right image.

    Crystal Fixtures

    3. Crystorama Chloe Brass Ceiling Light Fixture 4. John Richard French Girandole Tall Crystal Table Lamp

    Crystal lighting is also fabulous in close to ceiling fixtures that look great in halls, bathrooms and closets.

    This is a great option if you have lower ceilings and still want the look of crystal. I bet you never thought crystal could look amazing on designer lamps? Live in a rental and can’t install mounted fixtures? The romantic crystal light can be found in tabletop lamps and thus offer the same amount of glamour in a portable form. 

    Photos: The Zhush, Style at Home.

  • Make Your Home Happy With White Ceiling Fans

    White Ceiling Fan in a Living Room with High Ceilings

    There's nothing better in the Summer months than to sit under a ceiling fan and cool down from the day's activities.... Are we right? However, many people don't like the look of ceiling fans.

    We have a perfect solution for those of you who crave that cool breeze overhead, but don't want a heavy-looking fan as part of your ceiling design. Try a white ceiling fan! They blend seamlessly into any room design, like in this living room above designed by Catalyst Architects.

    Bedroom Design With A White Ceiling Fan

    Living rooms, bedrooms and kids room all need a method of cooling down in warm weather without having to blast the air conditioner and waste energy. White ceiling fans can help accomplish this without distracting from the pretty design.

    For example, this bedroom design by Laura Hay does a wonderful job of maintaining the clean white aesthetic all the way up to the ceiling.

    White Ceiling Fan in a Child's Bedroom

    Especially in a room with lots of stylish distractions, like the wallpaper paired with toys in this kids room designed by Heather Merenda, white ceiling fans are the perfect addition to provide a cool element.

    Image credits: Catalyst Architects, Laura Hay Decor & Design, Heather Merenda

  • Dorm Room Lighting

    So your teen is off to college in just a few short weeks! No doubt you're assembling all the things he or she will need for his or her residency in the dorms: bedding, toiletries, study supplies, they are all necessities but your freshman will also need quality lighting fixtures, those that are permanent enough to feel like home for that nine month period but temporary enough to easily move on once spring semester is over.

    Plug in lighting is a must as hard wiring is not an option. For teens in dorms there are three kinds of lighting that will maximize their ability to study past sunset and also allow for both style and function. A stylish plug in pendant that can be plugged into a wall and suspended with a hook over a bed or desk provides ambient lighting for late night reading or studying. 

    Dorm Room

    Girls will love the glamour of the Kaia Frosted Beads Plug in Swag Pendant or the botanical beauty of the Floral Fun Giclee Swag Chandelier. The dudes can add a masculine touch to their dorm with a modern Chain Link Plug In Chandelier or a Chestnut Swag Plug In Chandelier.

    Plug In Pendant

    Students who study into the night and prep for upcoming exams need a quality desk lamp to analyze and memorize hypothesis and facts. A memo board in addition to a task lamp keeps mementos nearby and reminders in plain view.

    Desk Style
    The Mighty Bright LED Steel Desk Light adds color and function to a desktop, while the Gooseneck Brushed Nickel Desk Lamp is a subtle and sleek alternative for long nights spent absorbing new subjects.

    The Perch Gloss Orange Desk Lamp injects vivid color to a dorm desktop and the flexible Z Bar LED Desk Lamp, in multiple finishes, adjusts for illumination around books and study materials.

    Desk Lamps

    Late night study groups are common in dorm rooms, your teen can set the mood with whimsical or colorful plug in lighting for those long chat and study sessions.

    Lantern String Party Lights set the scene! A girl's dorm gets a botanical feminine touch by adding Lotus Flower String Lights; spark a Star Wars conversation with R2D2 String Lights.

    Your teen's dorm room outlets allow them to install temporary fixtures to meet their lighting needs. With unique plug in options, they're free to express their personality!

    Image credits: Lamps Plus, The Happy Home Blog, The Glitter Guide

  • How to Brighten Up Your Bedroom Lighting

    If you have been craving a change lately in your bedroom but don't quite know where to start, lighting may just be the perfect place. Good lighting is something small and simple that can make a serious impact on the overall design and look of your bedroom.

    The below images from Architecture Art Design will hopefully inspire you to try something fresh and new with your own lighting, such as a new bedroom lamp.

    This ultra chic, black and white bedroom goes to show just how amazing bedroom wall lamps can reinvent the style of any bedroom. Mounting large, industrial swing arm bedroom wall lamps saves space on your nightstand while a painted faux headboard with air plants is the perfect illusion to add depth and texture.

    This small bedroom packs a big punch with mixed patterns and styles that all work perfectly together. These structural nightstand table lamps bring a harder edge to the delicate glass nightstands, while the minimal and modern ceiling pendant draws your eye up without weighing down the room.

    If you are a lover of everything creamy and dreamy and neutral, this stylish bedroom is for you. The mixture and layering of textures is what makes this monochromatic bedroom palette so successful, from the knotty throw to the glittering accent pillows to the rugged oversized nightstand lamps.

    Bold pops of red and graphic patterns make this smaller bedroom feel larger than life. Hardwired, industrial wall lamps save space and add dimension to a smaller room, leaving your nightstands with room for the essentials.

    How will you update your bedroom lighting?

    Image credits: Architecture Art Design

  • Small Space, Smart Style

    Smart Style

    Shop smarter for a new LED desk lamp by cutting through the tech talk, and looking at these six important tips that will make-or-break your relationship with your desk lamp.

    Wait... Relationship with your desk lamp? Yes, an LED reading lamps could be part of your desk-scape for 20 years or more. With decades of commitment ahead, it’s important to know what you are looking for from a lamp, and if the lamp has those features to offer you.

    So, whether it’s time to gear-up for back-to-school with new dorm décor or increase the quality of light at your workspace, here are some basics of buying an LED desk lamp, along with a couple pretty inspiration images from Houzz.

    Modern Home Office

    Light Quality

    The reason why a desk lamp is categorized as a ‘desk lamp’ is because it's a good source of direct task lighting on an elevated surface. Most tasks require quality light output to help us excel at our work, from crafting and sewing to typing and writing. So here are two acronyms to look for: CCT and CRI.

    CCT tells us the color temperature. It’s expressed in degrees Kelvin. Below 3000K, the color of light is considered warm. Above about 5000K, the color is described as cool, becoming more blue as the numbers increase.

    CRI is the color rendering index, which measures color accuracy and is on a scale from 0 to 100. Lighting with scores closest to 100 are better at reproducing colors in reference to an ideal source, like the sun. It means that the color looks like you would expect on a clear, sunny day.

    Crystal LED Desk Lamp

    The Kryss Beaded Crystal Shade LED Desk Lamp has a CRI of 80 and a color temperature of 5000K, meaning its light is clear and cool like a clear sunny day.

    Red LED Desk Lamp

    The Koncept Gen 3 Equo Warm Light LED Orange Desk Lamp has a color temperature of 3200 to 3700K and a CRI of 85, which means that it's a warmer light with a bit more accurate color rendering. This desk lamp also has the bonus feature of earning LEED credits.


    Although light quality may be the most important feature when considering a new lamp, when it’s Monday morning and I’m not quite ready for the workday,I like to use my desk lamp on a dimmer setting. Not all LED desk lamps can dim, so make sure to look for this spec in the description. Usually LED desk lamps dim by a touch sensor. 

    Wood LED Task Lamp

    The Cerno Silva Black Walnut and Beech LED Table Lamp is fully dimmable without any of the flicker that you may have experienced with dimming fluorescent lighting.


    LED desk lamps require less power (wattage) than incandescent desk lamps to create the same amount of light, so the wattage number will be lower for an LED desk lamp than an incandescent lamp that creates the same amount of light. The light output, called lumens, is the important number to look for in a lamp description.

    The more lumens, the more light output. 

    Bronze Desk Lamp

    The Theo Industrial Dark Bronze LED Desk Lamp has the traditional spring feature as the first desk lamp created in the 1930s by George Carwadine, but is way more efficient. Its 3-watt LED has a comparable output to the 35-watt incandescent at 320 lumens.


    Size can matter when it comes to a desk lamp. The base size, length of the extension arm and light area can vary widely. And so do the work surfaces where we place our desk lamps.

    When you are looking at LED desk lamps, keep in mind the amount of space you have for a lamp, the amount of extension you need, where your sightline may fall (if it’s not adjustable) and whether you want the light to be focused or spread out over a larger area. 

    Silver LED Light

    The Vusion2 Silver 6-LED Magnifying Craft Light has a magnifying light, which can be a helpful feature for making tiny crafts. But you’ll need to make sure you have the space for it.


    No matter the artistic interpretation, pretty much all desk lamps have the same arc shape, but that doesn’t mean that all are adjustable.

    Whether you're looking for a desk lamp that will be in a fixed position, or hoping to be able to use it in several positions, there is an LED lamp made for you. 

    LED Desk Lamp

    If you're looking for extreme adjustability or just an eyebrow-raising lamp, the Cameron Chrome LED Desk Lamp might be for you. It has two heads that are each adjustable in at least five different positions.

    LED Accent Desk Lamp

    This sleek LED desk lamp may not adjust, but the Element Arc Touch LED Accent Desk Lamp turns on-and-off by touching anywhere on the base!


    While all of the above is important, if the lamp doesn’t fit your style, it probably isn’t going in your shopping bag.

    So, while the practical side of me says to search for the other five features first, I know me. I shop style and see what has the best features to fit my needs. There are LED desk lamps that range from traditional to whimsical, and in materials from metals to wood.

    Bronze LED Desk Lamp

    The Maximize Your Potential LED Desk Lamp might be my favorite LED desk lamp design. It features a metal man pushing a spotlight on wheels.

    If you haven’t shopped for an LED desk lamp in a while, go ahead. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the options available.

    Image credits: Houzz

  • Choosing The Right Floor Lamps

    Whether you have kids getting ready for school or you just want to be more productive in your reading and lounging areas, floor lamps are a great lighting solution.

    So, we have put together some of our top tips for choosing the right the floor lamp.

    Floor Lamp Ideas

    Lighting your production spaces of your home

    Whether you’re a college student needing to light up your dorm room with light or you are parents trying to illuminate your kids’ desk study areas, choosing the right floor lamps shouldn't be a challenge.

    You'll need to decide if it will be used next to a bed, sofa, desk or lounging chair. This will help you determine the height that suits your needs. Many task floor lamps have adjustable columns to extend and collapse to a wide range of heights.

    If you need to use this same floor lamp for ambient lighting for the entire room, consider using 3-way light bulbs that give you more flexibility in wattage outputs. 

    Clark Double Gooseneck Dark Bronze Floor Lamp

    Clark Double Gooseneck Dark Bronze Floor Lamp

    Reading lamps are often some of the most neglected lighting fixtures in your home. Many of us use a makeshift light that doesn't illuminate the reading area well enough.

    The double goose neck floor lamp shown above is ideal for contemporary homes that need illumination between multiple chairs, sofas or even bedside.The dark bronze finish is perfect for your mid-century or modern home and features adjustable goose neck arms for custom lighting needs. With its 4-position switch located on the column, it can be accessed while sitting or standing.

    Reading Lamps

    Choose floor lamps that reflect your decorative style

    Once you have considered the function and where your floor lamp will be used, consider the decorative style that fits your room.

    Kids’ rooms may have a color or adolescent character theme you’d like the lamps to adhere to. While teenager’s rooms, home offices and reading nooks may opt for more sophisticated and refined metal finishes and contemporary shades.

    You will be surprised how many styles of floor lamps are available, from film director light reproductions to industrial throwbacks; there is a style for every taste.

    Arc Floor Lamp

    Ensure your home office is ready for long study hours, reading more books, and lounging and enjoying a favorite magazine.

    Use these lighting tips  on choosing the right floor lamp to fit your busy family’s needs and enjoy the productive space.

    Image credits: Rivoli Interior Design, Ondine Karady DesignOptimise Design

  • Five Unique Headboard Ideas

    Headboard Design Ideas

    When I'm looking for an easy way to update a bedroom....

    ....I always start with unique headboard ideas.

    Changing or re-purposing a headboard is one of the simplest yet most dramatic changes you can make to transform a room.

    Start with something as simple and utilitarian as these vintage doors featured in Country Living via Apartment Therapy.

    The color and patina of the wood brings an element of vintage style to the bedroom when combined with grain sack pillows and fresh linens.

    Need more inspiration?

    Here's four more unique headboard ideas.

    DIY Headboards

    Wood Headboard DIY

    Here's a unique headboard Idea from Better Homes and Gardens created from paint sticks.

    Simply form squares from the paint sticks, then attach each square to a plywood sheet. Add a frame and you're done.

    This geometric design adds simplicity and a graphic element to any space.


    Padded Headboard DIY

    Wrap a plywood board with batting and cut a drop cloth to fit it, like this simple headboard from Better Homes and Gardens.

    Next, staple the drop cloth onto the headboard and then tape off stripes with painter's tape.

    Then, using the painter's tape as a guide....paint the red stripes with fabric medium and acrylic paint to create the look of grain cloth at a fraction of the price.


    Repurpose and Reuse

    Create a headboard wall with reclaimed wood like this rustic charmer featured in Remodelista.

    Attach 1" x 8" boards to the wall for a unique headboard idea.

    You can also add a built-in side table and bookshelf for storage and versatility.


    Create Your Own Canvas

    Here's a fun and easy and idea for a headboard from Better Homes and Gardens.

    Sketch a headboard on two large canvases with a sharpie or black paint pen. Next paint two large frames in a vibrant color and use to frame the canvases and hang on the wall for a one-of-a-kind addition to any room.

    Creating your own headboard is a fun and easy way to add a dramatic flair to a space, but if DIY isn't your thing you might want to consider two of my favorite headboard options for your next bedroom make-over.

    I love this tufted linen headboard with its classic lines and vintage look.


    This is farmhouse style with a modern flair. I would pair this with crisp white linens and distressed white side tables.


    Abigail Tan Linen Panel Headboard

    You know how much I love the industrial farmhouse look above and this headboard fits the bill.

    From the linen panel to the nailhead trim, this piece is one of my favorites.

    I would pair this with grain sack pillows and wood side tables with stained pattern tops.

    So whether you diy your own or select an affordable pre-made option.....

    .....adding a new headboard is a simple and easy way to transform your space.

    Sweet dreams.

    Photo credits: Apartment TherapyBetter Homes and GardensBetter Homes and Gardens, RemodelistaBetter Homes and Gardens

  • Create a Summer Vacation at Home

    Vacation At Home

    There’s nothing I love more than jumping in the car or boarding a plane and heading somewhere new. Whether it’s an exotic tropical island, a European city or a road trip, there’s nothing better than the unexpected.

    For those of us with no getaways on the horizon, we can create our own staycation right at home. Especially if your place looks as welcoming as this home from Better Homes & Gardens.

    Flower Decor

    Fresh Flower Decor

    Plucked from your garden or purchased from the grocery store, a few colorful stems in a colorful vase can instantly liven up your space.

    Outdoor Seating

    Backyard Escape

    Turn a neglected corner of your yard into a garden retreat with outdoor style. Try a few climbing vines, pots overflowing with color, a couple of Adirondack chairs, a good book and a cold drink.

    Bar Cart

    Cocktail Hour Style

    Stock a bar cart, like this one from A Beautiful Mess, with your favorites and go the extra mile with fresh fruit juices and herbs straight from your garden. Pour cocktails into vintage stemware for added flair.

    Outdoor Entertainment

    Outdoor Movie Entertainment

    Take a cue from this image from Prairie Hive... Rent a projector, string a drop cloth from a clothesline, set out comfy blankets and throw pillows then mix a signature cocktail, pop some popcorn and your yard will be transported into a retro movie theater.

    Re-imagine your home and create little indulgences that will have you counting down the days until your next staycation.

    Image credits: Better Homes and GardensBucket of BurlapEclectically VintageA Beautiful MessPrairie Hive

  • Making a Statement with Floor Lamps

    Floor lamps are a fantastic way to make a bold statement in a room.

    Instead of relying on overhead and table lamps, making a statement with sensational floor lamps can bring the design of your space to another level.  

    And with a plethora of design styles, there are chic floor lamps options for all tastes.

    Floor Lamps

    Here are three floor lamp styles that will add a bold statement to your space. 

    Tripod Floor Lamps 

    Tripod floor lamps have been around for a while, and have yet to go out of fashion.

    This style makes a bold statement in any space, from those who have a traditional style to those who prefer contemporary. 

    Arc Floor Lamps 

    The TV show Mad Men brought back an interest in Mid-Century Modern, and arc lamps are quintessential to this style.

     Arc style floor lamps have the bold statement factor built into their shape. 

    The contemporary lines of the Possini Euro Arc Lamps look great over a seating area, a kitchen table or even a quiet work space vignette.

    Industrial Floor Lamps 

    Adding a warmer industrial look is easier than ever these days as there are so many stylish industrial floor lamps to choose from.

    This look incorporates the look of rusted metal as well as bronze and often includes Edison-style exposed filament light bulb.

    So adding a bold statement floor lamp is easy if you choose any of these styles. 

    Shop more statement floor lamps at Lamps Plus


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