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  • Brass & Bronze Wall Lights

    Overhead lights like chandeliers or flush mounts are necessities in most spaces, and a strategically placed lamp is a helpful source of illumination. So often the wall is forgotten as a location for lighting that multitasks and it’s there that you can hang the always versatile wall lamp.

    As an added bonus, rotating or swing arm lamps allow you to alter the direction of the lighting, either up and down or left to right. Some require the light to be hardwired, but many options are available as plugins so there’s no need to hire an electrician.

    Traditional Office with Lights

    Bronze is a finish that will never go out of style and looks especially striking against white walls. A white drum shade paired with a shapely swing arm wall light creates alluring contrast between dark and light on a bronze swing arm wall lamp.

    Bronze Swing Arm Lamp

    Capture the industrial look with the bronze and brass Hobson Wall Sconce or go for a more Old World appeal with the beautiful alabaster shade showcased in the Holkoetter Bronze Swing Arm Wall Lamp. The triangular prism shape of the House of Troy Pinnacle Swing Arm Wall Lamp is reminiscent of a library light. Opt for the elongated shade on display in the Ivory Linen Drum Swing Arm Light as a timeless choice.

    Brass and Bronze Wall Lights

    Brass has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, but it should be noted that brass is just as classic as bronze. Modern shapes make the finish that much more appealing in contemporary and transitional spaces like these brass swing arm wall lights.

    Brass Wall Lights

    The Richford Swing Arm Wall Lamp has a brass finish with marbled glass sphere detail. Reflect on the beauty of brass paired with an acrylic ball with the Kohle Swing Arm Wall Lamp. The classic shape of the opal bell shade found in the Monroe Aged Brass Wall Light features more traditional lines while the George Kovac Wall Lamp has a sleek low profile and round head.

    Brass or bronze, you can’t go wrong with a versatile swing arm wall light. Find dozens of choices and even more finishes in the Lamps Plus Swing Arm Wall Light gallery.

  • Dining Room: Entertaining Ready Tips

    Formal dining rooms seem to be either be those rarely used rooms that are reserved for special occasions- or rooms you use every single day for every day dining. Or maybe yours is somewhere in between. 

    But no matter how often you use your formal dining room-a dining room is a perfect spot to do a little bit of simple seasonal refreshing and maybe even some refreshing with bigger impact. 

    Today I am sharing 3 ideas for sprucing up your dining room to get entertaining ready.

    Two chandeliers above a farmhouse dining table with french doors in the back

    1.  Add seasonal touches

    Dressing your room for the holidays and entertaining involves more than a couple of seasonal touches on the dining room furniture. Think about adding a fun holiday banner or some fresh clippings or garland on the fireplace or wall. 

    A note: I also like to add a couple of clippings to our chandeliers as they have a nice drop below the light bulbs so it is safe to do. But- safety first. If you decide to do that make sure that your fixture is safe to do so with. Greens will dry and become a fire hazard.

    Dining table with fresh greens and citrus fruit as a centerpiece

    2. A simple centerpiece

    I love using fresh clippings for centerpieces- and when it comes to holiday dining where there are likely to be a lot of places at the table- keeping that centerpiece simple is best. And one of the things I love about using greens such as olive or eucalyptus is that they will dry very well and will look good even a few weeks down the road. 

    For this centerpiece- I used a layer of fresh greenery and then add a few oranges and nuts for a festive touch. If you don't have access to fresh clippings there are some very pretty faux florals available. 

    Dining room with two chandeliers

    3. Think outside the light box

    Looking for a quick and easy change that completely changes the look of the room?  Think lighting. Sometimes the lighting is perfect for a space- and other times not so much.But dining room chandeliers are easy to change fortunately- and it is a quick change that you can make without spending a lot of time and expense that comes a huge renovation. 

    Even if you don't want to add more lighting with a second chandelier- simply changing from a ceiling light to a chandelier or even to a elegant new ceiling light can make a huge difference in the look of the room. Lighting is one thing you can do that is inexpensive but that has a huge amount of impact on style and also on how fresh and inviting your room feels.

    What are your favorite tips for refreshing your dining room and getting it ready for entertaining? Leave me a comment below. 

     Images from French Country Cottage. 

  • Bathroom Lighting Ideas & Holiday Tips

    All the holiday hustle and bustle is just around the corner-and so this month I am talking all about ways to get your home ready for guests this holiday season.  And it is much more than putting up your Christmas tree and having enough food in the refrigerator.

    Christmas wreath on door and roses on gold table in bathroom

    It seems that any time that guests are coming- there is a flurry of activity. Freshening the bed linens, extra mopping and cleaning and general fluffing of the house. And an area that is often last on the list to be spruced up is the guest bathroom. 

    I know- it is just a functional type room, but it is an important one and one that can be stylish as well. And doing a couple little things to freshen and update it can make all the difference.

    Christmas clippings around roses on gold table in bathroom

    Seasonal touches such as a wreath on the door or a few clippings of fresh greens add the perfect amount of holiday touch- and for an easy update that requires no demolition and rebuilding- think lighting.

    Bathroom lighting is there to provide the right amount of light for makeup and illuminating the space of course, but lighting is also key in also adding a touch of your style. 

    Do you still have those old dated 1980’s fixtures? A quick swap with gleaming modern or new classic traditional lighting and your space will look completely different and up to date. 

    Marble subway tile on wall and gold table and accents in bathrom

    There are several styles and types of lighting you can choose from- and the placements depend on your bathroom set up as well. My favorite? Sconce lighting that flanks the mirrors. I like the symmetrical look they have- and sconce lights on both sides of the mirror also provide a lot of light.

    We chose large vintage inspired sconce lights for our remodel recently-  you can achieve a similar look by using traditional antique brass bathroom wall lights . And those 4 little light bulbs do wonders for lighting up the entire space while looking pretty and keeping the overall vintage aesthetic of the room.

    Brass sconces in marble bathroom

    In another bathroom- we chose vintage inspired silver sconces with beaded glass shades. This space has room for two sinks- and so a trio of sconces was the perfect look- and the perfect amount of light. 

    A bonus, the beaded shades add just the right amount of sparkle while being transparent enough to allow light to fill the room as well.

    French bathroom with toile and vintage furniture

    So if you have a guest bath that could use a little refresh- updating the bathroom lighting is a perfect way to update the space quickly without getting involved in the mess and expense of a full on renovation. 

    What is your favorite quick refresh tip for changing the look of a bathroom? 

    Images from French Country Cottage

  • Holiday Front Door Tips

    The holidays are coming- and that means that getting your house ready for guests and family and all the fun entertaining that comes with the holidays is probably already on your mind. 

    It seems I always have a list a mile long of projects and refreshes I would like to do. And those little things that are often on the back burner project wise-  like the guest bedroom, the outdated guest bathroom, and the front door are definitely moved up to the front right now.

    I enjoy sharing tips for getting your home holiday ready with just a few steps and no stress allowed. And today it is all about making that first impression with your front door.

    Holiday front door

    Front doors are the first thing guest sees when they arrive at your home. And your front door deserves more than just a Christmas wreath, It deserves a personality and charm all on its own. 

    With a splash of paint and the right porch light -it is easy to make your front door shine.

    1. A fresh coat of paint

    Fresh paint does wonders for anything- and your front door is no different. No matter what color your door is- putting a new coat of paint on will instantly give it a facelift. And if you are daring and want to tackle a bigger project- change the color and create a whole new look to greet guests. 

     Black painted front door with Christmas wreath

    2. Add a wreath and garland

    Dress your front door just as you would a mantel or any other area of your home for the holidays. Simple fresh greens are always perfect-and they smell good on top of looking pretty. But you can also use faux greenery if you prefer and create the same beautiful look that says 'hello'. 

     Front door with Christmas garland and wreath

    I like to use cedar garland and drape it across the top of the door since it has a nice drop and fullness to it-  is also perfect for embellishing with berries, eucalyptus or ornaments if you would like. And then add a wreath and your door will look festive and ready for welcoming guests. For an extra touch, and a little sparkle intertwine some string lights

    3. Update Entry lighting

    Porch and front door lighting is important for several reasons-those porch lights aren't just there to look good. Those lights are great at doing double duty. They look good and help create and define the look over your entry and they also provide much needed light to keep guests safe.

     Front door, lanterns and wreath and garland for Christmas

    If your porch lighting is older- think about updating it with a fresh modern style or brand new traditional style light for a whole new look. 

    What ever your style is, sprucing up your front door with fresh paint, seasonal greens and new lighting is a perfect way to get ready for welcoming guests this holiday season. 

    What are your favorite ways to make a great first impression with your entry and front door?


    Images from French Country Cottage


December, 2016