• Gazebo Bird House on the Today Show

    I was home sick earlier this week (sniff, sniff) and I caught this segment on the Today show. They gave some great tips on reviving and protecting your yard during the winter months. Near the end, George suggests adding a bird house to attract fair feathered friends to your garden. I perked up from...
  • Bunnies Abound

    How cute is this bunny? Can you believe he's made from stone? Find an Easter bunny with our assortment of bunny-themed items . Or read up on the history of the Easter Bunny.
  • Charming Nantucket Cottages Big and Small

    One of my favorite design blogs, Elements of Style , recently featured the architecture of Nantucket Island. Some incredible pics! Looks like a wonderful place ... in the summer. In November, not so much. Scrolling through the gorgeous images I noticed a birdhouse which looked terribly familiar. It's...
  • Memorial Day Sale Greetings

    Happy Memorial Day from all of us here at LAMPS PLUS ! Enjoy the day, and if you're looking for a Memorial Day lighting sale, check out our Lighting Fixture Sale that runs through June 6th.
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