• Simple Kitchen Storage Ideas

    There's a kitchen gadget for every task, but every kitchen hardly has space for it all. These simple kitchen storage ideas go beyond the basics, and with a few simple purchases (or by re-purposing what you already have) you can increase the space in your kitchen and make it more functional. ...
  • An Easy Accent for Your Kitchen

    Act like a gourmet chef by adding a pot rack chandelier . These specialty chandeliers add handy storage space, plus are a great option for keeping cooking pots close at hand. With their built-in lighting, they're also a great solution for smaller kitchens.
  • Kick Kitchen Clutter

    Kicking kitchen clutter should be high up on the New Year’s resolution list. Sure, we would all love to be 5 or 10 pounds lighter, but we can always hide those few pounds with clothes, not so with a messy kitchen! The most basic way to help clean up unwanted mess is to simply put things away. Open...
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