Finding the Perfect Mirror

As much as I am obsessed with chandeliers- mirrors are a close second. 

Mirrors do so much for a space. They brighten dark spaces by reflecting light- and flood bright spaces with even more cheer.

They are often placed where they extend the view of something- for example at the end of a hallway or opposite a window. And they can also make a statement all on their own just with their style.

French style mirror in bathroom with toile wallpaper

Today I am sharing a few favorite mirrors and just where I used them in my home.

Finding the Perfect Mirror: Something Old

I have a huge crush on vintage mirrors- and I have indulged that obsession many times.

Some of my favorites are not perfect- in fact, when considering an antique mirror- I look for the imperfections because the speak to me.

Wall mirrors are some of the most popular styles all around- and I definitely have a few favorites in that category.

I found a pair of Louis antique mirrors at an antique store in San Diego that I love. 

Style Tip: get the look with the Pozzilli silver arch wall mirror.

 Pair of antique gold mirrors

And I have dragged old mirrors out of abandoned buildings at demolition sales. 

 Vintage shabby mirror on wall in living room

I have also brought home over the top in size and detail mirrors found while junking. Floor mirrors are amazing for adding to a plain wall to reflect your room. You don't need to hang a mirror up to make a beautiful statement.

This antique mirror is nearly 8' tall- and all by itself with nothing else makes a statement. 

Style Tip: get the look with the Antico crown top mirror.

But that mirror in the front? Well, it has a secret.

 Gold and french blue mirrors stacked on floor reflecting a Christmas tree.

Not everything that has an old style is actually old. That French blue and gold mirror is a brand new reproduction  mirror.

Finding the Perfect Mirror: Something New 

Mirrors of today knock my socks off as well. And some of my favorites is a brand new reproductions.

Reproduction mirrors give you the best of both worlds. They have that style and charm that adds so much to a room, they reflect what you would like them to- and they are easy to find. No running around from tag sale to tag sale hoping to bump into one. 

A perfect and classic spot for placing a mirror is above a mantel. 

 Wood mirror above fireplace

This reproduction mirror was a perfect choice for above the fireplace. With a reclaimed wood look- it speaks vintage.

 Close up of gray mirror in bathroom

With all the details of vintage- reproductions can satisfy your style and charm needs easily and inexpensively while looking absolutely beautiful.

 Gray mirror in bathroom with red toile wallpaper

Finding the Perfect Mirror: Think Outside the Box

Or more like outside. This is a new mirror that looks old that is perfectly at home outdoors on the covered patio. Don't forget those outdoor spaces when it comes to accents like mirrors or artwork. Covered porches and patios are extension of living space and deserve a sprinkling of style as well.

 French style gray mirror on fireplace mantel

The simple style and size of this French inspired mirror is perfect.

Style Tip: get a the look with the Clary natural wood mirror.

No matter if you love mirrors that are old or new or a mix of both- adding a mirror to a room adds an instant amount of light and sparkle. And the right mirror can do wonders for the completing the style of your space as well as reflecting beauty.

What is your favorite type of mirror? 

Images from French Country Cottage

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