Holiday Front Door Tips

The holidays are coming- and that means that getting your house ready for guests and family and all the fun entertaining that comes with the holidays is probably already on your mind. 

It seems I always have a list a mile long of projects and refreshes I would like to do. And those little things that are often on the back burner project wise-  like the guest bedroom, the outdated guest bathroom, and the front door are definitely moved up to the front right now.

I enjoy sharing tips for getting your home holiday ready with just a few steps and no stress allowed. And today it is all about making that first impression with your front door.

Holiday front door

Front doors are the first thing guest sees when they arrive at your home. And your front door deserves more than just a Christmas wreath, It deserves a personality and charm all on its own. 

With a splash of paint and the right porch light -it is easy to make your front door shine.

1. A fresh coat of paint

Fresh paint does wonders for anything- and your front door is no different. No matter what color your door is- putting a new coat of paint on will instantly give it a facelift. And if you are daring and want to tackle a bigger project- change the color and create a whole new look to greet guests. 

 Black painted front door with Christmas wreath

2. Add a wreath and garland

Dress your front door just as you would a mantel or any other area of your home for the holidays. Simple fresh greens are always perfect-and they smell good on top of looking pretty. But you can also use faux greenery if you prefer and create the same beautiful look that says 'hello'. 

 Front door with Christmas garland and wreath

I like to use cedar garland and drape it across the top of the door since it has a nice drop and fullness to it-  is also perfect for embellishing with berries, eucalyptus or ornaments if you would like. And then add a wreath and your door will look festive and ready for welcoming guests. For an extra touch, and a little sparkle intertwine some string lights

3. Update Entry lighting

Porch and front door lighting is important for several reasons-those porch lights aren't just there to look good. Those lights are great at doing double duty. They look good and help create and define the look over your entry and they also provide much needed light to keep guests safe.

 Front door, lanterns and wreath and garland for Christmas

If your porch lighting is older- think about updating it with a fresh modern style or brand new traditional style light for a whole new look. 

What ever your style is, sprucing up your front door with fresh paint, seasonal greens and new lighting is a perfect way to get ready for welcoming guests this holiday season. 

What are your favorite ways to make a great first impression with your entry and front door?


Images from French Country Cottage


  • Anonymous

    Amazing Idea Courtney Allison. The front door of your home says a lot about who lives inside. This is nice idea to decorate your front gate with lighting & garland.