LED Desk Lamps: Why You Need One

If you don’t have an LED desk lamp, here’s why you should.

Desk lamps are work essentials. As an important part of your day-to-day, a desk lamp shouldn’t be overlooked with just any old light fixture you can pick up at an office supply store. And here’s why....

Everyone Needs An LED Desk Lamp

The warm glow from the Arts & Crafts styled LED desk lamps offer a traditional look for an office space.

Save Money

LED desk lamps are fiscally smart. Whether you work for a company or work for yourself, saving money is always rewarded and appreciated by the boss.

LED desk lamps use at least 75% less energy than incandescent, produce less heat, and are more durable, according to Energy Star. And they are designed to work for 20+ years, and cost less to operate.

Modern LED Desk Lamp

LED Style

LED desk lamps share your personality. Let’s face it. Even if you have the best of intentions, desks are cluttered with work to do, work that’s past due and work that we’ll just never do.

In an effort to make more space, we’re often left with those functional items to express our individuality. Taking the time to select those functional items (stapler, pen, phone charger, desk lamp) in a style, color and materials that bring you joy will make the space around the piles a bit happier.

LED Desk Lamps Can Be Space Efficient

Some LED desk lamps are incredibly space efficient.

Since LED desk lamps offer such a variety of styles, let’s talk style.

An assumption that I encounter too frequently is that LED lamps are ‘space age’ looking and ‘way too modern.’ So true, and so false. There are LED desk lamps that are super sleek and modern, but there also are so many other styles from Arts & Crafts to aged industrial. Here's some examples of the variety...

LED Desk Lamps From Lamps Plus

1. Quoizel Whitney LED Mica Shade Bronze Desk Lamp

2. Mr. N - Silver Accent LED Table Lamp by Koncept

3. Theo Industrial Dark Bronze LED Desk Lamp

4. Mighty Bright LUX Architect Brushed Nickel LED Desk Lamp

So why not start the new year by saving money, while showing off your style with your new LED desk lamp?!

Image credits: Lamps Plus