Outdoor Porch Basics

It’s that time of year again to focus on your home’s exterior. Outdoor porch basics should be top of the list because the front of your home is the first thing guests will see. Assuming you have a porch, there are a few simple and inexpensive ways to make it more welcoming. 

A Traditional Porch with Timeless Wicker Decor

I love this outdoor porch. It has all of the key elements that make it storybook cute. For starters, and even before you accessorize, you need to make sure your woodwork and trim is freshly painted and the general maintenance is in order.

Once that is done, the next item on the list should be lighting. Lighting is key on a front porch as it is basically the beacon for your home.  Outdoor wall lights are ideal by the front door.

I happen to think, if you have the room, a classic outdoor ceiling fan with a light is a welcome addition. The fan will keep you and guests cool and the light will allow you to use the space all night long.

Wicker outdoor furniture is timeless on a porch, as seen above, but I also like a classic wood rocker like the one below. Think southern charm, not Granny for The Beverly Hillbillies!  

Finally, and as I have said many times over in my posts, make sure you have cushions and pillows for outdoor seating to ensure everybody is comfortable.

Timess Lighting and Decor for Front Porches and Covered Patios from Lamps Plus

1. A bronze outdoor ceiling fan makes for a classic look and will also go with any other bronze fixtures on your porch.

2. A colorful outdoor pillow will add a pop of color to outdoor sofas and chairs.

3. I like the industrial look of  barn lighting. It’s great by a door or even on a garage.

4. You can’t get more classic than an outdoor wooden chair or bench.

5. If you need extra soft seating, or a casual spot for the kids to lounge on, I’d consider a cushy outdoor pouf.

6. A traditional wood accent table would look great with the wood seating and it will never go out of style 

Image: Lamps Plus