The Unconventional Contemporary Cottage

Modern Kitchen Design

I’m all for a cozy cottage, but please don’t make me look at “distressed” furniture and tiny floral print bed skirts! There is a way to keep cottages quaint, but modern. The unconventional contemporary cottage is easy to achieve and I promise it will still retain a casual and comfortable feel with natural elements and a down home charm. Frankly, it’s all in the repurposing of familiar textures and design. The image above is a great example. This cottage kitchen has warm wood walls and counters, a rustic bench and rough metal wall light, but hung on the wall is contemporary artwork instead of the traditional floral print you might usually see in a cottage getaway. 

Cottage Interiors

This sunroom is still traditional but introduces bold, geometric patterns versus the old fashioned “sweet” country prints usually found in a sunroom. Additionally, the color black has been ushered in as a primary color. Using black paint is a modern way to update wicker. Black is also used on the shutters and remote control classic ceiling fan instead of the very predictable country white.  

Modern Cottage Dining Rooms

A modern approach to an old classic like gingham, is to blow it up big! This room still has a cottage feel but it’s fresh and modern. Graphic pattern, like the red rug above is seen here in the bold blue wall treatment and the other geometric elements like the bent beechwood bistro dining chairs.

Simple Cottage Dining Room

Here is another example of a new way to view the cottage dining room. I love the modern approach to the classic Windsor chairs and the Mid-Century design touches like the ceiling light bring the room into a modern state of mind. The chairs are thoroughly forward-thinking in the lower back design and simple legs. The contemporary wool rug wall hanging is the perfect counterpoint to the white walls.  

Kitchen Design Layouts

This contemporary cottage kitchen uses classic materials, but in new ways. Old school marble counters are fashioned into a crisp island and classic brass, as seen throughout the room like in the kitchen pendant, has been forged in a crisp design for the drawer pulls. This juxtaposition of materials and design make the space warm yet young in feel.

Country Bedroom Ideas

Ye olde brass bed just got a face lift, or at least a shot of Botox! If you like the look of a brass bed why not consider a new finish such as chrome as seen here. 

Trundle Beds

I bet you never thought about a trundle bed in a cottage. Cute right? I love how they have used classic wood paneling, but in a contemporary color scheme and laid on the horizontal, not the expected vertical scheme. Small touches that shake things up a bit.

Country Bedrooms for Boys

So simple, but so effective. Who knew simple plywood and swing arm desk lamps could create such a modern and playful cottage boys' room.

Bathroom Sinks

Here are cottage materials used in an almost “downtown” design. This modern use of timber as a wall treatment is beautiful, or at least I think so. Again, we see natural materials used in a new way. Brass fixtures are wall mounted and spill into a carved granite bowl on top of a slab of wood with an exposed bark apron. It’s as if a walk in the woods has become a Tribeca-Style loft - genius.

Photos courtesy of House and Home