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Wall Art and Decor

No matter what your personal décor tastes are, we have hundreds of wall art prints, tiles, tapestries and paintings to help you create the home of your dreams. From still life studies, prints and canvas art for formal settings to metal wall art and architectural fragments that display a casual elegance for kitchens and baths, you're sure to find something to achieve your desired look. Our selection includes styles ranging from traditional to tuscan, modern to medieval and more!

Hanging Wall Art - Decorating Tips

One of the most common question we get about wall art is, "how do I hang my new art so it looks the best?" One thing to keep in mind is that most people tend to hang wall art too high. This results in the art looking out of place and isolated on the wall. A good rule of thumb is to hang a piece 5 or 6 inches above a table or wall shelf, or eye level when hung next to a sofa or seating area. This puts the art at a more intimate, relatable level where you and your guests will be able to see it and enjoy it more. Another tip is to hang multiple wall art pieces in odd-numbered groups. In general, odd numbers of items look more pleasing and "arranged" to the eye. Contact us for more ideas or for help in choosing your new wall art!

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