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Recessed Lighting Kits - Popular Combinations

Figuring out how to buy recessed lighting can be challenging and confusing for homeowners. We've made it easy! Browse this page for popular combinations of products, including some of the most popular requests from builders and contractors. Each combination has everything you'll need, including a recessed housing can, a matching trim and a light bulb. When you find a look that's right for you, simply click on the combination to add it to your shopping cart.

4" Remodel Non-IC Housing with White Trim and Bulb


This package includes a 4" Juno non-IC housing with white finish adjustable trim and a bright, Sylvania MR-16 halogen bulb.

Use this combination in remodeling situations where the housing will be in contact
with insulation.

Style # 87104-24325-09159

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4" New Construction Housing with Black Trim and Bulb


This is combination is used by builders and homeowners needing 4" new construction housing. You get a Juno new construction housing, a glare-reducing black trim and a Sylvania MR16 halogen bulb.

Style # 29819-05757-09118

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5" Fluorescent Remodel IC Housing, Trim and Bulb


If you are looking for energy efficient recessed lighting, this CFL package is a great choice!

It comes with a Juno fluorescent remodel IC housing, trim and a GE CFL light bulb.

Style # 25786-51769-37132

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6" Remodel IC Housing with Black Trim and Bulb


Use this recessed combination when remodeling add adding new lights. The combo comes with a 6" Juno remodel housing, black alzak trim and a halogen bulb.

Style # 28179-41549-Y1031

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Sloped Housing, Trim and Bulb


Everything you need to get a new "angle" on ceiling lighting. This kit is perfect for installing recessed lighting in your sloped ceiling.

Includes a Juno remodel housing with sloped baffle, plus a halogen bulb.

Style # 02521-02478-Y1024

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