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lava lamp, original, colors
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Blue and Yellow Silver Base Lava Lamp (36645)


The original Lava Lamp remains a classic room accent.

No matter what your age, the original Lava Lamp remains a captivating, ever-changing room accent that's sure to delight. Since its invention in 1963, these types of lamps have been adding personality to living rooms, play areas, bedrooms and more. Look for different wax and liquid color combinations to match your d├ęcor colors.

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Blue and Yellow Silver Base Lava Lamp

Lavalicious! The enduring popularity of the bubbling LAVA® brand lamp has never shone so brightly as in this retro lamp. Blue liquid is paired with yellow wax that melts to become the hypnotic lava we all know and love.

  • Silver finish base.
  • LAVA® brand lava light.
  • Blue liquid with yellow lava.
  • Volcano motion lamp.
  • Includes one 25 wattt bulb.
  • 14.5" high.
Our Price $19.99
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