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Energy Saving CFL Light Bulbs

Replacing your old incandescent designs with a new compact fluorescent light bulb (otherwise known as a CFL) is a cost-effective way to save energy and cut your electrical lighting costs. CFLs are very energy efficient, and they last much longer than regular bulbs. In fact, it's estimated that you can save $30 to $50, per bulb, over the six to ten-year lifespan of a CFL bulb (this when the bulb is used 3 to 4 hours per day). When you commit to making the switch to energy saving CFL light bulbs, that kind of saving really adds up.

Want to learn more about CFL technology? Check out our guide on how a CFL light bulb works. Or, for more general questions, check out our guide to the most common light bulb questions. And if you need help making a selection, just give us a call at 800-782-1967. We're here to help!