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Free Shipping and Free Returns* on all dark sky wall lights. Brighten your property, not the skies above, with these specially designed wall lights.

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What is a Dark Sky Compliant Wall Light?

Dark Sky Compliant Wall Lamps

Light pollution is increasingly associated with health and sleep problems, so our dark sky outdoor wall lights have been designed specifically to keep excess glare from bleeding into the nighttime sky above. To accomplish this, a properly designed dark sky compliant wall light will do one or more of the following:

  1. It should be fully shielded, meaning the light is pointing downward and the bulb is not directly visible.
  2. It should be turned on only when necessary. Motion sensor designs minimize the amount of time the light is on.
  3. It should not be brighter than necessary and should avoid producing excessive blue wavelengths, the type of light that naturally occurs during daylight hours.

In addition to helping people maintain normal circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, dark skies allow us all to better see the stars at night. And that's one benefit that, while difficult to measure, is even more difficult to imagine living without. For more information and quick shopping tips, read our guide to Dark Sky Lighting.