Art Shade Lighting

Express your style with custom lighting from our Art Shade Collection! Create unique, completely custom lamps and lighting fixtures. Choose from hundreds of exclusive Giclee patterns or design your own for a look that's 100% you.

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Art Shade Lighting - Reimagine Color and Form with Exclusive Giclee Designs
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Chandelier 17276 Chandelier 17822 Chandelier f9542 Chandelier G9447
Chandelier K3338 Chandelier m2298 Chandelier m2299 Chandelier N0494
Chandelier T6312 Chandelier T6313 Chandelier T6330 Chandelier t6341
Chandelier W7781 Chandelier W7782 Chandelier w7783 Chandelier X6786
Chandelier X8646 Chandelier X9844

Select a fixture below to see available pattern options.

Close to Ceiling Light 55369 Close to Ceiling Light H8795 Close to Ceiling Light H8796 Close to Ceiling Light J9213
Close to Ceiling Light J9214 Close to Ceiling Light K2832 Close to Ceiling Light K2833 Close to Ceiling Light M1074
Close to Ceiling Light n7956 Close to Ceiling Light T6396 Close to Ceiling Light T6396 Close to Ceiling Light Y0032
Close to Ceiling Light y0035

Select a fixture below to see available pattern options.

Table Lamp 60757 Table Lamp K3334 Table Lamp M2137 Table Lamp n5714
Table Lamp N5729 Table Lamp r1672 Table Lamp r2109 Table Lamp W9862
Table Lamp x0022 Table Lamp y4486

Select a fixture below to see available pattern options.

Floor Lamp 13024 Floor Lamp 3P321 Floor Lamp 3P327 Floor Lamp 84019
Floor Lamp 99185 Floor Lamp 99185 Floor Lamp h5361 Floor Lamp M3882
Floor Lamp r1702 Floor Lamp w9956 Floor Lamp Y4973 Floor Lamp Y4975

Select a fixture below to see available pattern options.

Wall Lamp 80379 Wall Lamp H6553 Wall Lamp H6558 Wall Lamp k1148
Wall Lamp K1164

Select a fixture below to see available pattern options.

Lamp Shade 37869 Lamp Shade 44428 Lamp Shade J8517 Lamp Shade K5603
Lamp Shade K7496 Lamp Shade n3786 Lamp Shade N3789 Lamp Shade N8900

Giclee Gallery

Giclee Gallery

Giclee Gallery designs are crafted with high-quality canvas. These opaque shades direct the light throw up and down for a focused look.

Giclee Glow

Giclee Glow

Giclee Glow features a high-quality translucent material that allows light to peek through the shade to create a soft, warm, appealing glow.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own Lighting

Use our online lighting tool to design your own custom lighting. Customize colors to create the perfect match for your decor.

  • Exclusive Branded
    Art Shade Lighting
    at Lamps Plus!
  • Hello Kitty Lighting
  • Thomas Kinkade Lighting
  • College Team Lighting

Retail and Restaurant Lighting

Custom Pendant Lighting - Retail Store and Restaurant Lighting

Giclee lighting is a flexible, customizable lighting solution for retail stores, restaurants and other commercial applications. Our bright styles give you a completely coordinated look that that reflects your distinct brand and interior design plan. Remodeling is easy and affordable, too - create a brand new look for your space by simply changing shade colors and patterns. We handle large orders and are happy to work with you to meet your business needs. Make your vision a reality with our custom retail and restaurant lighting solutions!

More About Our Giclee Printing Process

"Giclee" is a French word that refers to a special process of printing art work. Our Giclee lamp shades are crafted using the same state-of-the-art printers that are used for fine art reproductions. To ensure longevity, each shade is printed with fade-resistant, 100-year archival quality inks.

Our Art Shade lighting features pattern designs from exclusive artist creations, including many based on hand-painted originals. And, you can use our Design-It Custom Lighting tool to customize the colors in many shade patterns. A color chart and color slider allows you to change color values to create a perfect match for your space and your style.

Once your order is received, trained artisans complete the printing and manufacturing process. Skill and care is given to every job. Whether you are ordering custom pendant lighting, table lamps or other fixtures, our printing professionals perform exacting, detailed work to produce custom made lighting that will delight you and your customers for many years to come.

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