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Enjoy the fresh air more with fresh new designs at Lamps Plus. Transform you patio and garden into an outside living space with our wide selection of outdoor decor. Find decorative planters, sculptures and more for a pretty, personal touch.

Planters Planters Showcase your green thumb with stylish decorative planters.
Outdoor Sculptures Outdoor Sculptures Garden sculptures add an artistic accent to your outdoor space.
Candle Lanterns Candle Lanterns Use lanterns for an elegant and inviting style outdoors.
Outdoor Pillows Outdoor Pillows Curl up to a comfy outdoor pillow under the sun and stars.

Decorate Your Outdoor Living Room

Afternoons and evenings outside with friends and family are so rewarding, we often wish we could do it all the time. Creating a comfy outdoor living room is your first step towards spending more days and nights in the open air. With a large selection of stylish outdoor decor designs, Lamps Plus can help.

When decorating your patio or garden, start by displaying your plants in style. Whether it's a rustic planter or an ornate classical urn, potted plants will look great in our decorative designs.

For the garden, sculptures can be a charming addition to the scene. We carry 100s of outdoor sculpture designs, ranging from serene Buddhas and angels to pastoral children and pets. We even carry bird baths and armillary spheres for a classically inspired look.

Once you've dressed up your flora, it's time to introduce creature comforts. Outdoor pillows are a great way to soften decks and patios for an evening under the stars. For a warm touch, candle lanterns add a magical glow to your outside space. Just add a few guests and your new "living room" is ready to be enjoyed.

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