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Fluorescent, LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Tesler plant LED grow lights offer the latest technology for indoor gardeners. These energy efficient grow lamps outperform other indoor garden lights by offering the perfect spectrum for plant growth, quiet built-in fans and low heat output. Free Shipping on all!

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Each LED light has an average life span of 50,000 hours, or 6 years running 24 hours a day. LED grow lights feature replaceable drivers and fans (sold separately). Light spectrum has been scientifically calculated and balanced for plant growth.

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Get the Most out of Plant Grow Lights

Tesler LED plant grow lights have been engineered with the indoor gardener in mind. Each light uses an array of LED lights that offer the perfect spectrum of plant light. Two colors of LEDs, or "light emitting diodes", are used. The violet-blue light in the 400 - 520 nm range encourages chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis and growth, while the red LEDs in the 610 - 720 nm range promotes flowering and budding.

Daily use depends on the type of plantings you have. Foliage plants need about 16 hours of light per day, while flowering plants require somewhat less, in the 12-14 hours range. For either type of plant, Tesler LED grow lights are very energy efficient compared with traditional indoor garden lights using fluorescent or incandescent grow bulbs, and they produce much less heat when compared with these types of lighting.

As with all high intensity indoor horticultural light, we advise using eyewear to protect against the bright light and UV rays. And if you need to show off your plantings, you may want to invest in a bright halogen light, as the LED grow lamps will give your plants an unnatural appearance when the LEDs are on.

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