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Design Your Own Ceiling Fan

Select an Extension Pole:

For safety reasons, fan blades must be a minimum of 7' above the floor. Hang the fan blades 8' or 9' above the floor for the most efficient air flow. All Casa Optima ceiling fans come with a standard pole for use with 8-foot ceilings. Please note: fans with metal blades are required to be at least 10 feet from the floor.

No Extension Pole
(Pole for 8' ceiling included)
12" Pole
(Recommended for 10’ ceiling)
18" Pole
(Recommended for 11’ ceiling)
24" Pole
(Recommended for 12’ ceiling)
36" Pole
(Recommended for 13’ ceiling)
48" Pole
(Recommended for 14’ ceiling)
72" Pole
(Recommended for 16’ ceiling)