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Plug-in Wall Lamps

Get free shipping and free returns on all plug-in wall lamp and sconce designs. Easy to install, these wall lamps are a great way to add a elegance to any bedroom, dining room or hallway.

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The Easy-to-Install Plug In Wall Lamp

For an easy upgrade to the bedroom, den or almost anywhere, nothing beats the plug in wall lamp. These designs are functional, stylish and just about as easy to install as hanging a picture. Simply mount them on the wall and plug them in. For a professional look, use a cord cover in a variety of finishes to tuck the cable neatly out of sight. Look for adjustable swing arms for extra functionality, or consider a chrome plug in wall sconce for a touch of elegance in the dining room or hall. With free shipping and free returns on most styles, Lamps Plus offers a smart and easy way to upgrade your space in minutes.

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