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Stiffel Chandeliers

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Introducing Stiffel Chandeliers

Since its founding in 1932, in Chicago, Illinois, the Stiffel has been known for its portable lighting. They recently have introduced a collection of Stiffel chandeliers, with Lamps Plus being the exclusive retailer for the new designs. Each Stiffel lighting fixture is designed in the United States by the Lamps Plus team of craftsmen. The chandelier fixtures draw upon the history of the Stiffel line and maintain the essence of the historic and frequently considered timeless Stiffel design.

When were Stiffel chandeliers introduced? The chandelier collection was launched in the winter of 2021. Up until this time there were no Stiffel chandelier designs available, the company only made portable lamps. Lamps Plus is the exclusive retailer for the new collection.

What Stiffel chandeliers are available? New designs will be introduced on a regular basis. The initial launch features both traditional and modern designs, including chandeliers in the familiar Stiffel brass finish.

We invite you to explore the complete Stiffel chandelier collection. Each displays the grandeur and luxurious finishes that have reflected Stiffel?s brand for generations. They are sure to be cherished heirlooms in your home for years to come.