About Us

At Lamps Plus, we believe in helping people create the homes of their dreams with lighting, furniture and décor that fits everyone's unique personality.

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Let Yourself Shine
Thousands of designs. Infinite possibilities.

We set out in Los Angeles 45-years ago to create beautiful and innovative lighting solutions for people from all walks of life.

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We are now the Nation's Largest Lighting Retailer, with over 90,000 designs, from famous brand names to 20+ exclusive brands, with hundreds of new designs introduced every week.

Bring your dreams to light.

Our passion for design has never waned, and we continue to innovate and create patented solutions in our studios today.

If you're looking to celebrate your creativity, try our Designer Art Shade Program, or Color Plus brand lighting. You select the design and our Los Angeles artisans will custom make your lamp to order.

The only limit is your imagination.

Our experts have
brilliant ideas.

Need help bringing your style to life?

Our expert advice is always freely available online and in our stores, with more American Lighting Associates trained experts available for you than any other retailer.

Just ask, we're always happy to help with a full range of services including virtual design consultations.

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