Path Lights Solar Landscape Lighting

Path Lights Solar Landscape Lighting
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Free Shipping* on solar pathway lights. Brighten your yard or patio with easy to install solar path lights that are great for landscape lighting, driveways, or gardens.

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Easy to Install Solar Pathway Lights

Solar pathway lighting is very easy to install and use, and it looks great in your outdoor spaces. Powered by the sun, these landscape lighting designs require no electrical wiring, so you can add them to garden areas, patios, pathways, and driveway areas that lack electrical power and would otherwise be dark.

What's the best location for solar pathway lighting?

Solar pathway lights do need sunlight to work, so make sure you place them in a sunny location where they will get the maximum charge time possible.

Do solar path lights have a battery?

Yes, solar powered path lights do comes with a rechargeable battery. A solar panel on the light converts sunlight into a current that changes a rechargeable battery.

There are all sorts of solar pathway lights available, so you have a wide range of looks and options to choose from. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our landscape lighting tips video and article. If you have any questions about solar path lighting contact us to speak to one of our experts.