Energy Efficient Pendant Lighting

Energy Efficient Pendant Lighting

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Free Shipping* on all energy efficient pendant lights. Find designer style energy efficient pendant lighting for kitchens and more that will help you save electricity.

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Get Saving with Energy Efficient Pendant Lighting

Our collection of energy efficient pendant lights offers both wonderful style and energy saving design all in one. These pendant designs typically feature LED arrays or LED light bulbs that are long lasting and highly energy efficient.

Do energy efficient pendant lights really save money?

Yes, they do! An energy efficient pendant light operates up to 90% more efficiently than an equivalent incandescent or fluorescent light. It does this by producing the same amount of lumens, or light, while using far less energy. So over time you will save big on your energy bill.

Is energy efficient pendant lighting good in the kitchen?

Absolutely. These types of pendants provide great kitchen island lighting, offering lots of light for food prep and eating areas. If you like the appearance of warm incandescent lighting, look for pendants that have LEDs with a 3000K or below color temperature rating.

Does an energy efficient pendant light have to be LED?

Most energy efficient designs tend to use LED technology, but you can use CFL or fluorescent sources. These will not be as efficient as LEDs, but they will be more cost-efficient than normal incandescent lights.

Explore more energy efficient pendant lighting by browsing the designs on this page. If you need tips or design advice, our Lamps Plus lighting experts can help you select an energy efficient pendant light that's right for your home. Call or chat with us today!