5 Little-Known Facts About Crystal Lighting – What Makes Schonbek a Cut Above?

Modern Schonbek Crystal Lights

Schonbek crystal lighting is one of the best-known names in crystal lighting, but we bet you don’t know what exactly sets them above the rest.

Schonbek Sonatina 34” Wide Heritage Crystal Chandelier – LP Style # 14F32
Image Courtesy of Schonbek – Sonatina 34” Wide Heritage Crystal Chandelier – Lamps Plus Style # 14F32

1 – Crystal Lighting is Like Jewelry for Your Home

Crystal is a wonderful way to add glamour, drama, and luxury to your décor. And crystal lighting doesn’t just stop with chandeliers, you can get a complete look with crystal ceiling lights, sconces, and wall lighting.

Schonbek Filigrae 27 1/2" Wide Heritage Crystal Ceiling Light - LP Style # 9M798
Image Courtesy of Schonbek – Filigrae 27 1/2″ Wide Heritage Crystal Ceiling Light – Lamps Plus Style # 9M798

They are, without a doubt, the ultimate finishing touch and sparkling accessory for your home.

2 – Schonbek Features Heirloom-Quality, Handcrafted Crystal

Pay attention to the crystal shape and quality when looking for crystal lighting.

Close up of Schonbek crystal chandelier

There are a variety of glass shapes, cuts, and sizes to look for – smooth or faceted crystal, designs with scalloped edges, octagons, rosettes, balls, strands, and more.

Each Schonbek crystal lighting design features hand-crafted glass which is either hand or machine polished for maximum brilliance and reflective power.

3 – Schonbek is Part of the World-Renowned Swarovski Family

Glissando 4 ¾” Wide Swarovski Crystal LED Mini Pendant – LP Style # 44A87
Image Courtesy of Schonbek – Glissando 4 ¾” Wide Swarovski Crystal LED Mini Pendant – Lamps Plus Style # 44A87

Since 2007, Schonbek has been a member of the Swarovski family of companies.

Swarovski is the most famous and respected makers of high-quality crystal glass in the world. In business since 1895, the company has mastered a range of crystal cutting that delivers the full brilliance of each piece of heirloom crystal.

4 – Schonbek is Made in the USA

Quantum 13” High Spectra Sconce – LP Style # J2615
Image Courtesy of Schonbek – Quantum 13” High Spectra Clear Crystal Sconce – Lamps Plus Style # J2615

Schonbek crystal lighting is not only beautiful, but it’s designed, engineered and manufactured right here in the US, in Plattsburgh, a small community in upstate New York.

The city is an important manufacturing center and Schonbek employs several hundred workers at its facility.

5- It’s Been Installed in Some of the World’s Most Famous Buildings

Schonbek Sterling 29” Wide Swarovski Chandelier – LP Style # M9982
Image Courtesy of Schonbek – Sterling 29” Wide Swarovski Crystal Chandelier – Lamps Plus Style # M9982

What more mark of timeless, heirloom quality do you need once you hear that Schonbek crystal chandeliers have been installed in some of the world’s most famous palaces and historical buildings!

These stunning designs are a true marker of luxury and elegance.

We invite you to browse our extensive collection of Schonbek crystal lighting at Lamps Plus. If you have any questions our experienced design experts will be happy to assist you.

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