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What's the Correct Chandelier Size?

Decide where the chandelier is going to be installed to determine the size you need. Once you know that, use the following guidelines:

  1. In a Dining Room: the simple sizing rule is that your chandelier should be about 12 inches narrower than the dining table surface.
  2. The design should also have at least 4 feet of distance from the room walls.
  3. Following these guidelines will give you a chandelier that will appear to fill the space without overcrowding it. For small spaces and smaller tables, you may want to try pendant lighting instead.
  4. In a Living Room or Entryway: for every foot of ceiling height allow 2-3 inches in chandelier height.
  5. For example, a 9-foot ceiling would require a 27-inch high design.
  6. To determine the width needed, add the length and width of your room and convert the total to inches.
  7. For example, a room that's 12-feet x 14-feet would require a design that's around 26-inches wide (12 plus 14 gives you the width of 26).

How to Hang a Chandelier

Finding the correct chandelier height can be problematic unless you know the dimensions of the room. Use the following guidelines to help you through the process.

  1. When hanging over a dining room table, for an 8-foot standard ceiling, the bottom of the chandelier should hang thirty to thirty-four inches over the table.
  2. Add three inches more for each additional foot of ceiling height.
  3. If you are hanging a large chandelier or one that is very heavy, we suggest using a joist brace above the junction box to help carry the weight. You may wish to consult a professional electrician for such an installation.
  4. For traditional designs, you can add a decorative cord or chain cover to dress up the final look.
  5. When hanging a chandelier with a chain, trim the chain to the hang height required. Do the same with pendants that hang from a cord.
  6. Landings and entryways usually have high ceilings that are perfect for tall chandeliers; hang these so there is a minimum 8-foot clearance.
  7. Remember that the higher a design hangs, the smaller it looks, so go with a larger size if the space is large.

Chandeliers Brands and Trends

Lamps Plus offers a wide selection of chandeliers, including top quality brands such as Schonbek, James Moder and Vienna Full Spectrum. Look for free shipping on hundreds of our best designs. Embellish a small alcove, create an elegant entryway, or add a charming touch to the dining room or bedroom with luxury looks in crystal, bronze, antique brass and more. Or try a wood chandelier which brings a fresh look to modern and farmhouse inspired spaces alike. In conjunction with other modern lighting, these designs serve a functional purpose while being stylistically right on trend.

Still not sure what fixture is right for your space? Our expert lighting associates are available to help. Call us toll-free or check out our online resource, "How to Buy a Chandelier" for more tips.