5 Things You Didn’t Know About Crystal Chandeliers – featuring Crystorama

Traditional Crystal Chandelier - Chain Hung

We all know a crystal chandelier when we see one. They are one of the most beautiful and timeless lighting styles, but there are five things that we bet you didn’t know about crystal chandelier lighting.

Crystorama Othello Swarovski Spectra Crystal Chandelier
Image Courtesy of Crystorama – Othello Chandelier with Swarovski Spectra Crystal – Lamps Plus Style # 22M63

1 – They’re Like Jewelry for Your Home

Crystal chandeliers are a glittery accent for any room. The Crystorama lighting brand even goes so far to say that “A crystal chandelier is more than a light.”

Crystorama Hollis 31” Pendant
Image Courtesy of Crystorama – Crystorama Hollis Pendant – Lamps Plus Style # 1P440

“They act like jewelry for your home and are the best way to add glamour and drama to a room.”

2 – They’re the Natural Formal Centerpiece for Dining Areas

A Crystorama crystal chandelier makes a grand style statement, especially in dining rooms. Crystorama dining room chandeliers add a rich and formal look to a room that’s unlike any other furnishing. They’re the ultimate finishing touch.

Crystorama Hampton 24” Wide Chandelier
Image Courtesy of Crystorama – Hampton Chandelier – Lamps Plus Style # 1C206

3 – There Are Different Grades of Crystal

Crystal comes in a variety of different crystal grades, that each have their own unique reflective properties.

Crystorama Traditional Crystal Italian Crystal Chandelier
Image Courtesy of Crystorama – Italian Crystal Chandelier – Lamps Plus Style # 74T89

Generally speaking, the more expensive, hand-cut grades are more reflective, but all Crystorama crystal chandeliers are known for being high-quality fixtures that will add a wonderful sparkle to your home.

4 – Finish Makes a Difference

The backdrop for any crystal chandelier is the frame, which can come in a variety of finishes.

Crystorama Calypso Chandeliers
Image Features Crystorama Calypso Chandeliers in Chrome, Bronze, and Gold

Gold and brass are more traditional finishes, while silvers and even clear frames set a more contemporary mood.

5 – Hang a Chandelier 32 to 34 inches Above a Tabletop

Crystorama Rylee 18” Crystal Chandelier
Chandelier height guide, featuring the Crystorama Rylee Chandelier – Style# 62E83

This hanging height is recommended to get the maximum sparkle, and is a good guideline for general dining room use. Remember that any higher and you miss showing off the glitter. And any lower and you block the sight-line of guests as the look across the table. For very small tables or spaces a small crystal chandelier might be needed. For more information, please see our guide to learn more about buying a chandelier.

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